‘Show You’re Jockey’ SS13 Campaign

American underwear brand Jockey have unveiled a quirky ad campaign to coincide with the launch of their new SS13 collection. For those that are not aware, Jockey created the first ever pair of men’s Y-fronts back in 1934, and they were also the first brand to feature waistband branding.

Knowing their customers like nothing more than showing off their Jockeys (their words, not mine), the brand have rolled out a ‘Show You’re Jockey’ campaign across Europe and other key markets. The campaign will feature a variety of good looking models against a selection of bright coloured backgrounds… all showing off their Jockeys.

The campaign is an update of the successful 1990s ‘Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey’ ads, which gained worldwide recognition. Back then the ads and billboards showed groups of soap stars, doctors, snowboarders and athletes with their trousers around their ankles, proudly displaying their Jockey underwear. The brand are hoping for a similar impact this time round.

Tim Wheeler, President of Jockey’s International division says “Show You’re Jockey is about being confident and comfortable with yourself and the brand you wear reflects that – not only is your underwear Jockey, so are you.”

In terms of the brand’s new SS13 collection, they offer two distinct lines: ‘USA Originals’ and ‘International’. The USA Originals range takes inspiration from the relaxed attitude of California, utilising a mix of bright, multi-colour prints along with classic fashion shades to create an American heritage feel.

If classic Americana isn’t for you, the International collection blends urban and tropical influences together to create a selection of colourful and eye catching designs. The highlight of the collection is the short trunk – a modern update of their famous Y-fronts from back in 1934. Available in green, red and stripe colour ways, they are made from a soft, breathable fabric blend and feature a woven waistband complete with signature logo.

It’s time for an underwear upgrade – so chuck out your old greying pairs and ‘Show You’re Jockey’.

Shop the full collection over at jockey.co.uk.

‘Show You’re Jockey’ Campaign for SS13

Show You’re Jockey’ Campaign for SS13

Show You’re Jockey’ Campaign for SS13