Sadly, time will never stand still. Unless you’re particularly adept with a camera or you have a photographic memory, you’ll never really be able to capture that one perfect moment because everything will have just moved on.

However, you can give yourself the best possible chance of capturing that one perfect moment by being exceptionally good at time keeping, using your trusty watch to plan to the very second where you need to be.

Thankfully for us style-conscious chaps, our trusty time tellers are an exceedingly good accessory to have about our person – not only because they ensure we aren’t late for lunch but also because they can be the very thing that makes a good outfit great.

If it’s all in the details then picking the right watch is an important decision, especially as you may well be considering spending a small fortune on your chosen timepiece. But not everyone can afford to splash out on the likes of an Omega and even if you could, you might not actually want to.

Some people are looking for something different; something a bit quirky, a bit unusual and definitely a bit of a statement. For these people, I offer up the colourful watch.

Go Bold Or Go Home

Personally, I am a big fan of the colourful watch. It’s a super simple way of injecting an often much needed shot of colour and individuality to any outfit and it doesn’t take much forethought – just strap it on and you’re good to go.

More often than not it will be the unexpected things that get you noticed. A surprise flash of colour will stick in the mind more than just a nice watch because it’s more immediate, more challenging and a whole lot more exciting.

The colourful watch is something you have to dive headfirst into, so don’t take a half-hearted approach. Pick the one that jumps out at you the most and don’t worry about matching it to the rest of your outfit, just wear it with confidence.

The Formal Watch

This might provoke some debate but I do believe colourful watches can work in formal situations. You do, of course, have to be a little more considerate with your choice, and there are ways that you can go about making a statement watch more appropriate and suitable, but it certainly isn’t a concept that you should discount completely.

To me, the idea of an orange or yellow watch poking out from the sleeve of white shirt under a navy or grey suit is fantastic, the bold colour bouncing off the more muted tones of the suit. As always, this is completely dependent on the dress code of your office or the nature of the event, but I don’t think anyone will object to you making the most of your accessories – after all, we do it with our ties and pocket squares, why not something else?

When choosing your formal, colourful watch take into consideration the face type: analogue will look a lot more mature and business appropriate than digital and try to keep the design clean and simple (think one solid block-colour and a classic face). Also remember that a colourful watch doesn’t necessarily always have to be a vibrant shade, even something in a matte black or grey would be enough of a step away from traditional models to make a difference.

  • Topman White Minimal WatchTopman White Minimal Watch
  • Uniform Wares 152/br02 Series WristwatchUniform Wares 152/br02 Series Wristwatch
  • Ltd Watch Unisex Limited Edition Yellow Dial And Pu Strap Watch Ltd-051201Ltd Watch Unisex Limited Edition Yellow Dial And Pu Strap Watch Ltd-051201
  • Uniform Wares 100 Series Steel WristwatchUniform Wares 100 Series Steel Wristwatch
  • Nixon The Time Teller P Matte Peppermint WatchNixon The Time Teller P Matte Peppermint Watch
  • Versus Versace Unisex City WatchVersus Versace Unisex City Watch
The Casual Watch

The colourful, casual watch is a much easier affair all round, with very little restriction on what you can and can’t wear. In fact, I would go as far as to say you can wear pretty much whatever the hell you want, just so long as it’s tasteful.

My advice is to go with whatever catches your attention. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the first one you see (you can always come back to it) but it should be one that you are really drawn to – there is a reason that one in particular stuck out and I find it’s often foolish to ignore your gut instinct.

As previously mentioned, don’t worry about trying to match it to your wardrobe or other accessories, treat it as a standalone piece and just wear it with everything.

  • G Shock Red Glide WatchG Shock Red Glide Watch
  • Topman Ltd Watch Topman Ltd Watch
  • Casio Casual Orange Digital WatchCasio Casual Orange Digital Watch
  • Asos Watch With Wolf Print FaceAsos Watch With Wolf Print Face
  • Timex Originals T2n955 WatchTimex Originals T2n955 Watch
  • Nixon Mens The Rubber Player Diamond WatchNixon Mens The Rubber Player Diamond Watch
  • Diesel Mens Franchise WatchDiesel Mens Franchise Watch
  • Diesel Dz1321 Silicone WatchDiesel Dz1321 Silicone Watch
  • Ltd Watch Unisex Yellow Digital Watch Ltd-050401Ltd Watch Unisex Yellow Digital Watch Ltd-050401
Switch Out The Strap

If you don’t fancy going all out colourful with your watch, or you already have a watch you like but fancy livening things up a bit, you could always consider changing the strap. On most watches this is a pretty simple task and it can make a real difference to the overall appearance of what might otherwise have been a very tame timepiece.

Once again, don’t be afraid to just go with whatever takes your fancy, don’t over think things and remember that changing the strap is a very cheap alternative to buying a whole new watch.

  • Zulu Heavy Duty Watch Strap 5 Ring Nato Fittings 22mm RedZulu Heavy Duty Watch Strap 5 Ring Nato Fittings 22mm Red
  • Triwa Blue Stripe Nato Canvas Watch StrapTriwa Blue Stripe Nato Canvas Watch Strap
  • Regimental Nato Strap 20mm Redwhite And BlueRegimental Nato Strap 20mm Redwhite And Blue
  • Timex X J.crew Set Of Two Grosgrain Watch StrapsTimex X J.crew Set Of Two Grosgrain Watch Straps
  • Beams Plus Three-pack Watch StrapBeams Plus Three-pack Watch Strap
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  • New 20mm Mens Canvas Watch StrapNew 20mm Mens Canvas Watch Strap
  • Brand New Nylon Watch StrapBrand New Nylon Watch Strap
  • G10 Nylon Nato Watch StrapG10 Nylon Nato Watch Strap
Final Word

The colourful watch is a great addition to any sartorially inclined man’s accessory arsenal. Whether for formal or casual use, it can add a real touch of individuality to any outfit with absolute minimal effort.

If you’ve been timid with colour in the past, a bold watch can be a great way of breaking through the barrier, pushing your boundaries and making a statement all at the same time.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog, or are looking for something a little more classic and timeless, then a simple analogue watch face on a nato strap is always going to be an excellent choice and, best of all, won’t break the bank.

As always I want to know what you guys think, so let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.