Lanvin Mix Materials

Heading up the futuristic approach to high fashion, lux label Lanvin has produced the ‘Mix Materials Looks’. Showcasing an imaginative array of fabric combinations and twisted textures, the French label has proven that truly creative design can still remain wearable.

Working in a metallic palette of grey and glossy black, this detail heavy collection features a modern incorporation of prints, zips and other fastenings. Using contrasts as a highlighting method, trims and pockets are altered in colour and placement to provide originality as well as eye catching features.

Using the uniquely developed ‘fine nylon’ throughout strengthens the collection’s modern, edgy aesthetic. Although sportswear remains an obvious influence, a hint of workwear is also apparent within some of the designs, giving the pieces a welcome practicality. With snakeskin appearing as the chosen form of embellishment, each garment receives a luxury finish creating unquestionable appeal and intrigue.

Noteworthy pieces from the collection include the light blue jacket with snakeskin chest and the black jacket with nylon sleeves. However, the stand out piece is the off white parka. With its fine nylon construction and heavy detailing this piece showcases the best of the collection’s design points, whilst remaining both wearable and entirely fashionable.

By modernising the current sportswear influence through the utilisation of edgy construction techniques, Lanvin maintains top position in providing desirable high fashion alongside truly innovative design.

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Lanvin Mix Materials