Laurenceairline Shirt Collection

Laurence Chauvin Buthaud founded menswear label Laurenceairline less than a year ago, with the driving concept being to successfully blend differing cultures along with clothing.

Buthaud was born in the Ivory Coast before spending most of her younger years in Switzerland and finally moving to Paris to study in fashion houses. This travelling could possibly be her reasoning behind these joint forces, with Laurenceairline’s newest collection of shirts certainly emphasising this fusion of ethnicity with fashion.

With the name ‘Laurenceairline’ inspired by the fact that Buthaud always seems to be on a plane, fashion and prints from different countries are an integral part of many designs.

One of the standout designs form the current collection is the ‘Renton’ shirt, which playfully contrasts both colour and pattern. Red tartan is set alongside a Japanese-inspired polka dot print and orange tiger-effect stripes, which all run horizontally across the breast of the shirt. Similarly, the ‘Fyvie’ shirt utilises the same Japanese polka dot pattern, restricting it to the top section of the shirt to create an almost patchwork/print-blocking effect.

However, perhaps our favourite piece from the collection is the ‘Tamba’ design, which takes this patchwork technique to the next level – combining multiple prints in similar blue tones. The main attraction to the shirt is the quirky bird graphic print to the shoulder yoke, with the birds printed so close together that from afar it almost looks like houndstooth.

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Laurenceairline Shirt Collection

Laurenceairline Shirt collection