Levi’s® 501®

If you’ve read the majority of the articles that I write for FashionBeans, then you will know that I love simple, classic and versatile style. I’m obsessed with idea of having items of clothing in your wardrobe that will adapt to any situation and always keep you looking great. Nothing personifies this ethos better than Levi’s® 501® jeans.

This historic piece of menswear has been in production for 140 years and cemented itself as a cultural icon. They are the epitome of timeless style and have proven time and time again that the original button fly, straight cut jean will never go out of fashion.

They’ve been sported by everyone from Presidents to rock stars, artists to fashion icons, making them arguably the most worn and loved jeans in the world. It’s not hard to see why; due to the quality of construction and materials, 501® jeans mould to the wearer’s body shape over time, helping create a unique fit and finish that makes them feel like they were custom made for YOU.

And let’s be honest, that is what this whole menswear game is about – putting your individual stamp on what came before.

140 Years Of Levi’s® 501®

This season, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the 501®, Levi’s® have launched the ‘501® Interpretation Gallery’ at levis501.com with the intention of celebrating unique style interpretations of this classic piece from around the world.

There’s a digital photo gallery showcasing pictures of high fashion, street style and everything in between – including photos of fans and friends of the Levi’s® brand who are movers and shakers in film, music and art industries.

Today, we encourage our readers to join the movement by uploading photos of themselves in their 501s® to levis501.com or tagging photos with #501 on Twitter and Instagram. FashionBeans wants to show the world that we have the most stylish and unique readers on the planet!

Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole campaign is that a selection of the photos featured in the ‘501® Interpretation Gallery’ will be made into a limited edition ‘Book of 501®’, which will be available later this year, with all proceeds going to Levi’s® chosen charity. This is your chance to really cement your personal style in history.

Take a look at some of FashionBeans’ favourite images from the current ‘501® Interpretation Gallery’ below:

501&reg Interpretation Gallery Examples

Levi’s® 501® Non-Denim Range

To coincide with the ‘Interpretations’ campaign launch, Levi’s® have also brought out a new non-denim 501® range, which means that you can now get the distinctive 501® cut and fit in neutral or coloured chino varieties.

Breaking with tradition, yet maintaining the product’s true essence and timeless spirit, the four piece non-denim collection will be available in ivy green, true chino, chalk blue and mineral red – so you make as much or as little a statement as you desire:

Levi's® 501® New Non-Denim Range

Levi's® 501® Non-Denim Campaign

FashionBeans Interpretation

FashionBeans was invited to take part in the ‘Interpretation Project’ by Levi’s®, with the brand asking us how we would style a pair of their new non-denim 501s®. I personally took on the challenge, requesting a pair of the ivy green non-denim 501s® because they had a seasonally appropriate autumnal feel and green is an under appreciated colour within menswear that is much more versatile than you may originally think.

First of all, I love 501s®. Since my style rebirth, they’ve always been a favourite due to me having what can only be described as larger-than-average thighs; the straight cut of the jeans helps keep my legs in proportion from waist to foot whilst maintaining a slimline, refined silhouette. They are ideal for thicker set gentleman who often end up looking like they have carrots for legs when trying to incorporate the ‘skinny’ trend.

So, here are two of my personal interpretations of the 501®:

Look 1: Smart-Casual

Matt Allinson - Smart-Casual 501s Interpretation

This is pretty much a look you can find me in every day. It’s smart enough to get stuff done during the day but casual enough to take me to a bar or restaurant during the evening.

You will notice that I paired the chinos with simple, muted pieces because I wanted to make the beautiful olive tone the focal point of the whole look. With this in mind, try pairing greens with complementing colours such as navy and brown.

The navy polka dot scarf provides a nice point of difference when it comes to an otherwise classic smart-casual outfit.

Look 2: Casual

Matt Allinson - Casual 501s Interpretation

I took inspiration for this look straight out the docks by opting for a nautical, rugged and outdoorsy aesthetic.

Again, we pair the chinos with navy and brown/burgundy because this is a go to colour palette that all guys should try experimenting with. The boots are a vintage find in my hometown of Reading (these photos were taken in my parents back garden) – they’ve served me well this winter with all the snow and bad weather we’ve been experiencing.

Oh, and if your anything like me or Will Coleman, you’ll know that when the cold weather comes around you just have to break out a chunky roll neck. It’s a must own.

Final Word

So that’s the way I wear them, but why don’t you share how you wear them too? The more that get involved the better and it’d be great to see how much of an effect this classic, versatile and iconic piece of menswear has had on all of us who are sartorially inclined.

Remember you can share your photos online at Levis501.com, or on Twitter/Instagram by using #501.

How many of the FashionBeans readership will be feature on site and in the limited edition ‘Book of 501®’?