London Collections: MEN – Christopher Shannon AW13 Review

Here at FashionBeans we thought we had given up maths at the earliest opportunity but it seemed when sitting down to view Christopher Shannon’s AW13 collection we were about to receive one last calculus lesson. The resulting clothes on show demonstrated what you get if you divide three jumpers into one.

As well as the clothing geometry, we were delighted to witness Shannon’s first foray into leather. The fabric of choice on trousers, long line shirts and a particularly lust-worthy jacket, which combined elements of three leather tones (white, grey and black).

Most garments had a slightly Frankenstein’s monster appearance, in that they were created from a variety of seemingly mutilated pieces (that being said, in no way did they look frightful). Jeans were a dissection of two pairs, often completed with opposing back and front fabrics, or left untouched bar the addition of black and white tape.

Jumpers were sliced in half or thirds, with the outcome creating hybrids that featured great contrasts in both texture and colour. Cheeky cartoon faces also added some humour to the knits. Cartoon faces aside, this was an altogether much more mature version of the traditional Shannon aesthetic, with many pieces inevitably making it in to our dream evening wardrobe.

Of course, sportswear still played a huge part within collection, with some expertly cut casual jackets with tonal inlays. Another highlight were the sporty sweaters in luxury fabrics.

Whilst the show came to an end, we only had one maths question unanswered – how many pieces could our bank balance afford?

London Collections: MEN – Christopher Shannon AW13 Review:

London Collections: MEN – Christopher Shannon AW13 Review