Sibling AW13 – London Collections: MEN

Having already made a name for itself as a bold and progressive label, British based Sibling took the concept of an oversized knit to a whole new level at the recent London Collections: MEN.

In a bid to produce a standout show, the label not only demonstrated its design skill but also a deep understanding of proportion and form, therefore placing itself in a position where it could artistically challenge the concept of size and fit.

Working in the unconventional winter palette of pastel pink, blue and contrasting red the choice of colour added to the diverse nature of the collection. Taking the universally used scarf, hat and glove combination Sibling has creatively enlarged each of these to produce a series of fresh and exciting looks. When coupled with the vibrant nature of the detailing, each outfit can be deemed both varied and interconnected. Varied in choice of texture and sizing, yet unified in its structure and effect.

Knitted tops and bottoms become experimental through a reworked fit whilst a choice of sporty footwear adds to the young and playful nature of the collection.

Although remaining less wearable than other collections seen at London Collections: MEN, the AW13 collection from Sibling provides a refreshing eye toward the truly creative nature of live fashion shows. As well as displaying an eccentric British approach to the reworking of understated classics.

Sibling AW13 – London Collections: Men