Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Cans

Marc Jacobs is world renowned in the fashion industry and you’d think he would have little spare time between running two of his own labels and serving as the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton. Well it seems he has found room to squeeze a new job title on to his desk plaque. After being announced the successor to Jean Paul Gaultier as Creative Director at Diet Coke some weeks ago, he has wasted no time in putting his ideas into action.

Diet Coke has been with us for 30 years and the brand are celebrating their milestone in style. Jacobs’ contribution is an essential part of Diet Coke’s ‘Sparkling Together For 30 Years’ campaign, and includes three cans, three bottles and three advertising campaigns designed and directed by the American fashion designer.

Jacobs has decided to use female empowerment and its rise to prominence over the last three decades as his inspiration. One can features a bow tie pattern surrounding a posing and pouting tuxedo-clad model whilst another sees a crouching model circled by pink and purple birds. The last can features a striped and strutting female in between an array of deep red polka dots.

It is believed the cans are set to arrive on European shores within a month, so keep your eyes peeled and your thirst quenched.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

Marc Jacobs’ Diet Coke Cans