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We’ve managed to stave off the cold long enough, but it had to arrive sometime. It was inevitable. Now it’s time to start piling on those layers – and subsequently break into a profuse sweat the second we step inside the sweltering, central-heated office.

MELVITA was established in 1983 by biologist and ex-beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat. As a pioneer in organic beauty, the brand place nature at the heart of operations to draw attention to the world’s increasing fragility as a result of the assaults of industrial chemistry.

Alongside the established women’s line is a range of male grooming essentials that features everything from shaving cream to aftershave balm to shower gel. All meet the criteria of the strict ECOCERT Ecological and Organic Cosmetics standards, come in recyclable packaging, and none of which are tested on animals.

Adding to this collection, MELVITA has also just launched two new natural deodorants that are perfect for winter and those upcoming New Year healthy living resolutions.

The organic and aluminium-free deodorants provide daily protection without blocking your skin, combining active ingredients that combat body odour and dampness whilst leaving your skin room to breathe.

The 24-hour Effectiveness Deodorant features an exclusive blend of sage oil, triethyl citrate (a colourless, odourless liquid often used for cooking purposes) and acyl lactylate (a non-toxic, biodegradable additive also used in food), together with Vitamin E to provide protection from body odour, whilst natural microprous mineral silica absorbs swear and dampness. A combination of water lily, lily of the valley, rose, aloe and apricot also works to create a natural, long-lasting and delicate scent.

The Sensitive Skin Deodorant is designed to be gentle and soothing on easily irritated skin – which naturally comes after being rubbed under woollen jumpers for weeks on end. Active ingredients, chosen especially for sensitive skin, include the antibacterial Usnea lichen, antioxidant Vitamin E and absorbent silica, which work to effectively combat body odour and dampness.

Both the anti-inflammatory Alpha-bisabolol (the essential oil of German chamomile) and regenerating Aloe vera soothe sensitive, irritated skin. It has a completely natural, allergen-free, delicately powdery scent of freesia, rose petals, violette, vanilla and raspberry.

Both deodorants cost £11 for 50ml and are available at

Melvita Deodorant Range

Melvita deodorant

Melvita Men’s Grooming Essentials Range

Melvita Men's Grooming Essentials Range