It wasn’t too long ago that we tackled the bold choice of coloured tailoring. Given the response, it would seem the coming spring/summer months are going to be awash with a sartorial tint.

The aforementioned coloured tailoring article featured a small entry on spring/summer appropriate blazers. This micro-trend was the perfect alternative for those who don’t possess a need or desire to go the whole hog with a bold coloured suit.

Today we’re going to be expanding on that brief edit by showing you how and what to wear your newly purchased blazer with. If you have yet to be convinced, by the end we hope to have swayed you to invest in your own piece of statement tailoring for the fast-approaching season.

Coloured Blazers

Sartorially speaking, ‘coloured’ is not exactly an explicit term. The expression can cause slight confusion as it often brings to mind bold, bright and garish creations. By no means is your choice of blazer limited to images conjured of clowns, discos and Barcelona away kits.

The expression ‘colour’ is often used to describe anything outside of what is widely thought of as neutral. In this case it’s the opposite of your monochromes such as grey, black, navy etc. and hues such as khaki, khaki green, camel and the like.

So in the context of this article, what are we classifying as ‘coloured’?

  • Anything On The Colour Wheel – This refers to anything seen in our introduction to colour article, as featured in the men’s fashion basics series. Anything on the colour wheel provides our literal definition of ‘coloured’. Although these hues are not traditionally used for suiting, they can make a bold statement if worn correctly.
  • White – Usually described as a neutral, and rightly so. If anything, it’s the most neutral of all. However, when it comes to tailoring, white is very much taken as ‘coloured’. It isn’t your standard tailoring tone and, like its brighter brethren, is sure to stand out.
  • Pastels – To widen the demographic of this article we’ve opted to include pastels. A spring/summer favourite, pastels are paler, somewhat chalky colours that make a great choice during the warmer months, both practically and aesthetically. Practically because the lighter tone means they don’t trap heat and aesthetically because they mirror the mood of the season.
How To Wear: Coloured Blazers
Lookbook Inspiration

Men's Coloured Blazers Lookbook Inspiration

lbm 1911 ss13austin reed ss13reiss ss13tommy hilfiger ss13tommy hilfiger ss13minimum spring 2013lbm 1911 ss13CALIBRE ss13reiss ss13Pierre Cardin ss13reiss ss13ted baker ss13
Look One

Add a touch of the brave to your smart-casual wear with a striking blue blazer. Blue is not only a stereotypical colour for men but is also set to become THE key colour trend for this spring/summer, as evident from Ben Jones’ recent report.

With this in mind, don’t feel limited to everyday shades of indigo blue – aqua, pastel and cobalt tones are set to soar in popularity during SS13.

Pair your audacious wardrobe choice with smart-casual classics – neutral khaki chinos and a pale blue shirt – in order to help anchor the brighter blazer.

A considered tie and pocket square combination provides a dapper touch whilst footwear should lean towards the smarter side of the spectrum. Double monks will add a continental charm whilst brogues present a sturdier choice:

  • Asos Smart ShirtAsos Smart Shirt
  • Canali Slim-fit Cotton And Linen-blend BlazerCanali Slim-fit Cotton And Linen-blend Blazer
  • Dries Van Noten Camouflage Patterned Silk Twill TieDries Van Noten Camouflage Patterned Silk Twill Tie
  • Reiss Yacht Plain Linen Pocket Square GreyReiss Yacht Plain Linen Pocket Square Grey
  • Burberry Brit Stedman Slim Chino Trousers 143666Burberry Brit Stedman Slim Chino Trousers 143666
  • Reiss Reuben Double Monk Strap ChestnutReiss Reuben Double Monk Strap Chestnut
Look Two

Bring a touch of class to your formal engagements with a deep burgundy blazer. The popular hue made waves in menswear after being championed on the red carpet by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson during 2012.

A black roll neck jumper, worn underneath a blazer, provides a stylish alternative to a shirt and tie. The mix of black and burgundy creates an elegant colour combination that works well for evening events.

Demonstrate good use of separates with grey trousers and finish off with some black shoes. For the dandy among you, velvet slippers would present a rakish option:

  • John Smedley Belvoir Rollneck Merino Wool SweaterJohn Smedley Belvoir Rollneck Merino Wool Sweater
  • Asos Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Burgundy PolywoolAsos Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Burgundy Polywool
  • Reiss Tullum Textured Heavy Canvas Trouser GreyReiss Tullum Textured Heavy Canvas Trouser Grey
  • Maison Martin Margiela Mens Limited Edition Nail Heel Oxford ShoeMaison Martin Margiela Mens Limited Edition Nail Heel Oxford Shoe
Look Three

Work some white into your wardrobe with a colourless blazer for the summer months. The classic white blazer is perfect for summer days and even better for summer nights, when the temperature drops and you need to add an extra layer.

Wear a darker printed shirt underneath the blazer to create the focal point for this look.

Navy shorts complement both the shirt and the choice of brown suede loafers. This outfit would work just as well with navy chinos or jeans, if appropriate, rather than shorts for the colder days of the season:

  • Topman Burgundy Geo Long Sleeve ShirtTopman Burgundy Geo Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Michael Bastian Cotton And Linen-blend BlazerMichael Bastian Cotton And Linen-blend Blazer
  • Burton Navy Turn Up Chino ShortsBurton Navy Turn Up Chino Shorts
  • Grenson Marcel Chocolate Suede Tassel LoafersGrenson Marcel Chocolate Suede Tassel Loafers
Look Four

Pastel colours offer a compromise to those who aren’t entirely convinced by the brighter options available. Try dressing the blazer down with a neutral polo shirt and classic chinos.

In this case we’ve opted for a rose coloured blazer. The softer hue is toughened up by a grey polo and anchored with white trousers.

Finish the look off with a pair of navy suede shoes to add a tactile element. Navy is often under utilised as a footwear colour but provides a great alternative to the popular shades of brown and tan:

  • Allsaints Sandringham PoloAllsaints Sandringham Polo
  • Reiss Preacher Two Button Patch Pocket Blazer RoseReiss Preacher Two Button Patch Pocket Blazer Rose
  • Rag & Bone Rb7 Chino Trousers 148156Rag & Bone Rb7 Chino Trousers 148156
  • Pointer Rosa Navy Suede Surfer ShoesPointer Rosa Navy Suede Surfer Shoes
Look Five

Make a statement by going bright and bold with your blazer in an everyday smart-casual setting.

Strong embellishments such as red may initially appear intimidating but it’s all about how you style it and how effectively you use the colour wheel. Confidence is your wardrobe’s best friend and a necessity if you’re to stand out among the sea of neutral suiting.

Sober the jacket with a collection of muted staples. A pale blue shirt has enough of a hint of colour to complement the blazer without looking like a paint chart. Dark indigo denim is as timeless as you’re going to get, keeping you away from a full blown avant-garde ensemble.

For footwear, look no further than a pair of leather loafers. In this case, opt for brown – they will work extremely well with the blue base tones.

  • Topman Heather Blue Smart ShirtTopman Heather Blue Smart Shirt
  • Asos Slim Fit Suit Jacket In CottonAsos Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Cotton
  • Allsaints Machida Iggy JeansAllsaints Machida Iggy Jeans
  • H By Hudson Brown Leather Tyska Tu Tassel LoafersH By Hudson Brown Leather Tyska Tu Tassel Loafers
Men’s Coloured Blazers
  • Asos Slim Fit Suit Jacket In RustAsos Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Rust
  • Asos Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Wool BlendAsos Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Wool Blend
  • Sussex Burgundy Slim Fit Fashion Suit JacketSussex Burgundy Slim Fit Fashion Suit Jacket
  • Topman Cobalt Blue Flannel Heritage BlazerTopman Cobalt Blue Flannel Heritage Blazer
  • Topman Ecru Fleck Skinny BlazerTopman Ecru Fleck Skinny Blazer
  • Reiss Pritchard 2 Button Peak Blazer PurpleReiss Pritchard 2 Button Peak Blazer Purple
  • Boglioli Slim-fit Unstructured Cotton And Linen-blend BlazerBoglioli Slim-fit Unstructured Cotton And Linen-blend Blazer
  • He By Mango Cotton BlazerHe By Mango Cotton Blazer
  • Austin Reed Pink Washed Cotton Linen BlazerAustin Reed Pink Washed Cotton Linen Blazer
  • Selected Homme Wave – Suit Jacket – GreenSelected Homme Wave - Suit Jacket - Green
  • Ps By Paul Smith Slim-fit Linen BlazerPs By Paul Smith Slim-fit Linen Blazer
  • Gant Preppy Canvas – Suit Jacket – GreenGant Preppy Canvas - Suit Jacket - Green
  • Marc Jacobs Cotton Patch-pocket Jacket 147842Marc Jacobs Cotton Patch-pocket Jacket 147842
  • Carven Seersucker Single-breasted Jacket 146548Carven Seersucker Single-breasted Jacket 146548
  • Ted Baker Katnis – Contrast Fabric BlazerTed Baker Katnis - Contrast Fabric Blazer

Coloured blazers are a great way to inject a new lease of life into your spring/summer wardrobe. With a wealth of options available, there should be a style suitable for everyone, no matter what your personal taste dictates.

But now we want to hear your view:

  • Will you be investing in a coloured blazer?
  • If so, what colour will you be opting for?
  • How will you go about styling it?
  • Have I now convinced you to invest in coloured tailoring?

Let us know in the comments section below…