There are a few men’s grooming tips that apply whatever your age, and whatever your skin type. Like always shaving in the direction of hair growth, or using a face wash daily for optimum skin health. But unfortunately there aren’t many one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to men’s skincare, and if you want to ensure your skin remains in great condition then you need to get specific.

Along with tailoring your grooming routine to your specific skin type, one of the biggest factors in achieving great looking skin is changing your routine and products based on your age. Our skin alters dramatically between twenty and forty – both internally and externally – and the way we take care of it and the products we use need to adapt.

To help give you some guidance on evolving your skincare routine as you get older, here are some handy tips broken down into three different age brackets…

Teens & Early Twenties

While you’re picking up your exam results, travelling, partying, graduating, moving away from home and shaping your career, developing a sound grooming routine may become merely an afterthought. But it’s in your teens and early twenties that you can lay the foundations of great skincare, and ensure your work is a lot easier by the time you hit forty.

Here’s where to start…

Developing A Routine

Before you even contemplate anti-ageing ingredients, serums and night creams the first port of call is to become interested in grooming and skincare. Start taking care of your complexion early and you’ll be less daunted by moisturisers and masks later in life.

Set the foundations with a face wash and a moisturiser and build from there. There are some fantastic entry level grooming products that are easy to use and affordable to get you started, and here are some of our favourites:

  • Nivea For Men Sensitive Face Wash 100ml
  • Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturiser 75ml
  • Original Face Wash Bulldog Natural Skincare
  • Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Moisturiser 100ml
  • Men-u Healthy Facial Wash 100ml
  • Men-u Facial Moisturiser Lift 100ml
Breakouts And Blemishes

One of the defining features of teenage skin (if you’re unlucky) is acne and blemishes. Breakouts can be unsightly and really damage your confidence at a young age, but scarring can also leave lasting damage that stays with you into your later years.

Treating acne with targeted skincare is possible, but cheaper high street products that claim to deal with the problem can be very harsh on your skin and not give the desired results. Murad is one of the most well respected professional brands geared towards blemishes and achieving results, with many customer testimonials from young people claiming blemish-free skin in as little as four weeks:

  • Murad Acne Blemish Spot Treatment 15ml
  • Murad Oil Control Mattifier Spf 15 50ml
  • Clarifying Mask Murad
Finding Your Perfect Shaving Method

I spent my teenage years battling with a wet razor with no guidance whatsoever. I’m ashamed to admit it now, but there were cuts, shaving rashes and ingrown hairs – the works.

From a young age it’s important to find the shaving method that works for you – whether it’s electric, wet shaving or stubble control. Do your research, get recommendations and use top quality shaving tools like those below, because the sooner you do, your skin will thank you for it:

  • Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler Razor
  • Elemis Men Ice Cool Foam Shave Gel 200ml
  • Clinique Cream Shave
  • Remington R7150 Black Diamond X Rotary Shaver
  • Philips Aquatouch At896/17 Wet And Dry Electric Shaver
  • Braun Black Foil Shaver 330s-4
Late Twenties & Thirties

In terms of skin health I would say that your mid to late twenties and thirties are probably the most crucial time. It’s a time when generally our lifestyles are at their most demanding, the excesses of our teens are beginning to show and we’re starting to see forty as a reality rather than a far off dream.

Crucially, there is a lot you can do during this time to ensure you’re skin remains in top condition, both now and in the future…

It’s All About ‘Prevention’

As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ – and the same is true with skincare. It’s much easier to use top quality moisturisers in your twenties and thirties to slow down skin ageing, than it is trying to rectify the damage at forty.

The one thing all these moisturisers below have in common is that they’re extremely hydrating and packed with ingredients that help your skin repair itself and stay healthy:

  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Spf15 100ml
  • Clarinsmen Super Moisture Balm 50ml
  • Clinique M Lotion
Energise Your Skin

One of the biggest concerns with a hectic lifestyle is that it shows on your face. Long hours, stressful jobs, city living and possibly raising a family means that our skincare suffers.

Both No7 For Men and Clarins have developed fantastic product lines formulated with essential nutrients (including caffeine and vitamin C) to give your nearing-middle-aged-skin a much needed boost:

  • No7 Men Energising Moisturiser
  • No7 Men Energising Face Scrub
  • No7 Men Energising Face Wash
  • Clarinsmen Anti-fatigue Eye Serum
  • Clarins Clarinsmen Revitalizing Gel
  • Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter Energizing Gel
Protect Against The Elements

The biggest contributor to wrinkles and other key signs of ageing is sun damage. Protect your skin against UV rays and you’ll be thanking your younger self throughout your forties and fifties.

I used UltraSun products whilst on holiday in forty-degree heat recently and despite being prone to the odd ‘lobster’ glow, I didn’t get burnt once:

  • Ultrasun Spf 30 Face Anti Ageing Formula Once A Day 50ml
  • Ultrasun Ultra Sensitive Extreme Spf 50+ 100ml
  • Ultrasun Sports Spf 20 200ml
Adapt Your Lifestyle

You can use the best products in the world but if your lifestyle doesn’t match you’re never going to have success. If you want the best results you needs lots of sleep, you need to drink lots of water, have a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg – and you certainly shouldn’t smoke.

If you’re looking to boost your fight against ageing, then consider a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, which are packed with everything you need to maintain healthy skin and a balanced lifestyle:

  • Vitabiotics Wellman Advanced Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 30 Tablets
  • Myprotein Daily Vitamins Multi-vitamin & Mineral Complex
  • Centrum Men – 30 Tablets
Forty Plus

As you’ll have gathered by now, how much attention your skin needs post-forty depends on how well you’ve cared for your skin up until that point. If you’ve smoked, eaten badly and used no quality products or sun protection then you could have your work cut out!

But no matter how much you’ve prepared, fighting back against the signs of ageing requires a good routine, a few helpful hints and, more importantly, the right products…

Products That ‘Repair’

Once you get to forty the signs of ageing seem to appear out of nowhere. You may have had a youthful baby face since your teens and then one day you’ll wake up to realise you’ve morphed into your dad.

OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic but the signs of ageing do tend to show more suddenly on men than women (who age gradually from their mid twenties).

When the wrinkles and lines do appear, a normal moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated but you’re not going to see dramatic results. The proven formulas (and gadgets) below have been designed to deliver results and get as close to turning back the hands of time as you’re ever going to get:

  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Max Ls Age-less Face Cream 50ml
  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Max Ls Instant Eye Lift 15ml
  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Max Ls Overnight Renewal Serum 30ml
  • Slendertone Male Facial Muscle Toner
  • Clarinsmen Line Control Eye Balm 20ml
  • Clarinsmen Line Control Balm
Time To Go Clean Shaven?

Less of a wrinkle reducer, more a trick of the eye – going clean shaven can really help guys in their forties appear more youthful.

Removing (potentially) greying stubble and leaving behind a smooth complexion can take years off. Plus, the razor gliding over your skin also acts as an exfoliant – revealing new, fresh looking skin post shave.

If you’re over forty and looking to go clean shaven, then it’s about time you treated yourself to some shaving tools worthy of a true gent:

  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Pure Badger Luxury Brush And Cream Gift Set
  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Gift Set
  • John Lewis Chrome Shaving Set With Bowl
  • Merkur Futur Razor
  • Muhle R101 Double Edged Safety Razor
  • Geo F Trumper Super Badger Shaving Brush
  • Extract Of West Indian Limes Shaving Cream Bowl
  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream
  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Aromatherapy Pre-shave Oil
Final Word

We all grow old; the key is to do so with the dignity and grace becoming of a mature gent. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t fight the signs of ageing all the way. Laying the foundations of a high quality, consistent grooming routine in your formative years will set you in good stead for preserving your youthful appearance as the years go by – adapting and evolving as your skin needs change.

Make sure you let us know how you have modified your own skin care regime as you have gotten older and what you have found to be the best products or natural boosts to help combat the signs of ageing…