Predicting men’s hair trends for spring/summer 2013 is difficult because there doesn’t seem to be dramatic change from what we have seen over the past twelve months. We all know that new fashion trends are pushed and reported each and every season, but in the hair industry styles tend to evolve slowly over time and the turnover is not as continuous.

However, two men’s cuts are going to stand head and shoulders above the rest in the months ahead. The first is a move towards the slick side parting; with added internal length that helps to create an altogether more refined and formal look than what was prominent throughout 2012.

The alternative comes in the form of longer, textured hairstyles created with mattifying products like sea salt sprays – providing a natural finish, loads of texture and an increase in volume.

So let’s take a closer look at both of these cuts…

Looking Slick

The precise side parting is officially back – but did it ever go away?

For SS13, there is going to be much more emphasis on not only the cut but also the products utilised to style it. We will see a lot more shine, with pomades and gloss products being used instead of the matte finish clays that have become so popular of late. This classic cut will be very lean and tidy round the edges – think Don Draper in Mad Men.

The Cut

When creating this cut your stylist should maintain a decent degree of length on the top of the head whilst removing the length around the back and sides.

One major factor to take into account when taking on this style is just how high you want the hair cut at the back. The hair could be clippered into the crown to give a sharper, tighter look (making the length at the front look more exaggerated) or you could opt for a more classic take by having the hair tapered into the neck. Tapering means leaving more hair around the occipital bone (the curve on the back of the head) in order to create natural movement and more texture.

For a sharper finish, get the hair clippered on the sides – the higher it’s clippered the more dramatic the result will be. When choosing this style it’s important to decide if you want to have scalp exposure or scalp coverage through the sides and back, as this will determine what grade the stylist will use on the clippers.

For the length on top, the hair can be point cut to prevent the hair from becoming too heavy. You can also personalise the haircut with some internal texturising, which will help naturally support and push the hair back. This can be done by your stylist with scissors or a razor.

To give this haircut a modern edge, some clients choose to alter the balance of it by having the parting side cut higher. This results in exaggerated length through the front, which in turn gives the appearance of longer hair on top that looks more disconnected from the back/sides.

The Lookbook

Here are a few examples of classic and modern slick side partings:

The Products

In most cases you shouldn’t dry the hair too much before applying product – this can create volume and make it harder to define the parting.

To create a nice crisp finish, towel dry the hair and apply your choice of a wet pomade (I recommend American Crew Pomade) for medium shine and hold or a stronger grooming/styling cream (again, American Crew do a good one) for a stronger shine and hold.

Make sure you rub it in your hands well before working it into the hair as it has probably been a while since many of you have used shine products. Start off with a small amount and work it into the sides of the hair – you can always add more if required. This approach will help avoid making the hair look too greasy, which will force you to start the whole process again.

  • American Crew Pomade 85gm
  • American Crew Grooming Cream 85gm
  • Kent Tortoiseshell Effect Fine Pocket Comb – Medium 7t
  • Slick Pomade Baxter Of California
  • Mop Glisten High Shine Pomade 75g
  • Paste Mr Natty
  • Smooth And Finish Creme Tommyguns
  • Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme 150ml
  • Redken Water Wax 03 50ml
Not So Slick

As mentioned in the introduction, opting for more texture on top is the alternative to the new slick side parting. You’ve got wave in your hair? Embrace it, enhance it! We’re still seeing shorter back and sides but if you want length and volume on top then go for it.

In previous years it’s been about gents straightening their hair and creating perfectly shaped quiffs. However, with the products available today, you can achieve a great look with much more natural results.

The Cut

Keeping the edges of the haircut clean and tidy (to create a sharp edge) is the key to this look. The rest of the style is all about being as individual as you are.

For a dramatic aesthetic, get the cut clippered through the sides – leaving length on top to create a taller, ‘bed head’ look. If you don’t want the hairstyle to be as extreme, the cut could be left with length around the back and sides to create a classic look with an attitude.

To add more personality to the haircut you could consider having a bit of colour smudged through the tips towards the front – this will expose the texture and give it a shot of character and individuality, much like accessories finish a great outfit.

This can be done as subtly or as pronounced as you are comfortable with, and isn’t too expensive. The great thing about guys getting colour done in this way is that you don’t see the roots growing out, so it should last a good few haircuts.

The Lookbook

The Products

To get the most out of this cut, preparation is vital; applying product into the hair before drying is the best thing to do.

Try Kevin Murphy Hair Resort for a look that defies gravity or American Crew Ultramatte for a gutsier hold with a matte finish that will help support the hair into place. For longer hairstyles, a salt spray like the Bangstyle Sea Salt Mist Spray would be perfect.

Once you have applied your chosen product, ensure you blow dry the hair until it dries completely. Use your fingers or a vent brush and push the hair into the direction you are going to wear the style.

We have recently been using a lot of the L’Oreal Texture Dust with the longer hairstyles. The dust is incredible – you sprinkle it in towards the root area and it instantly clogs the hair, creating a strong durable hold and a great base before applying your styling product.

As the hair gets longer you should consider utilising a hairspray to hold the style in place.

  • Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray Beach Look Texture Spray 150ml
  • American Crew Ultramatte 100ml
  • Light Sea Salt Mist 150 Ml
  • Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray 125ml
  • Loreal Tna Texture Dust 22g
  • Denman Vent Brush D200t
Final Word

There you have it, two of the key men’s hairstyles for spring/summer 2013 and how to get them. So whether you prefer refined and formal or messy and edgy, both of the cuts showcased today are able to adapt to your personality and personal style effortlessly.

If you have any questions or comments about either of the styles featured, let me know in the comments section.