Warm Weather SOS

Some things are quintessentially British: roast dinners, cups of tea, the FA Cup final, fine tailoring (naturally), the Beatles, the Stones and the Roses. But there’s one thing we do better than anyone else: talk about the weather – it’s our small talk speciality. In fact, for most of July 2013 it’s all we’ve been talking about (thank the lord the Royal Baby arrived to take our mind off things).

So yeah, it’s been pretty hot. And humid. Offices, trains, cars, buses, classrooms, shops and pubs up and down the UK have remained unusually warm for most of the month. We’re just not used to this!

These warm, humid conditions have brought with them all kinds of personal dilemmas: is it OK to wear shorts to work? How many vests are too many? A BBQ every night of the week is good for you, right? But it also raises just as many grooming concerns.

So whether you’re in the midst of a UK heatwave or you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to (or living in) a warmer climate, it will pay to adapt your routine using these warm weather tips…

1. Minimising Sweat & Odour

Whether it’s odour or unsightly sweat patches, when it comes to hot weather, personal hygiene and perspiration are the most pressing issues. It’s less about vanity and more about not smelling like a tramp and/or looking like you swam to work.

Sweating is a natural bodily function and can’t be entirely stopped, but there are some great products out there to help you minimise the problem. You may even be able to wear your light grey t-shirt again without fear.

If you normally opt for a deodorising spray, then now’s the time to upgrade to a more powerful antiperspirant – whether it’s a roll-on or a spray. I would consider myself ‘a sweater’ (as gross as that sounds) and I’ve had some great results with the high street deodorants showcased below. The ‘XX Hour’ protection claims are never entirely accurate (or required) but they’ll certainly go a long way to keeping wetness and odour at bay.

For those that require something stronger than your typical high street/branded products, why not try Driclor? The FashionBeans community continues to be a superb source of knowledge and in the comments section of our recent Dressing For High Summer article many readers recommended this product.

It is designed to block your sweat glands and, ultimately, shut off sweat production. Always read the label and application directions carefully before applying a product such as this:

  • Mitchum Endurance Sport 48 Hour Protection Apd 200mlMitchum Endurance Sport 48 Hour Protection Apd 200ml
  • Mitchum Ice Fresh Roll On 100mlMitchum Ice Fresh Roll On 100ml
  • Loreal Men Expert 96hr Anti-perspirant Invincible 250mlLoreal Men Expert 96hr Anti-perspirant Invincible 250ml
  • Sure Men Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Deodorant Cream Active 45mlSure Men Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Deodorant Cream Active 45ml
  • Driclor Driclor Roll-on Twin PackDriclor Driclor Roll-on Twin Pack
  • Driclor Solution – Roll-on ApplicatorDriclor Solution - Roll-on Applicator

FashionBeans Tip: If you’re a gent with a lot of body/underarm hair, then a quick trim can help lower your body temperature and thus reduce the amount you sweat.

2. Freshen Up On The Go

Even if you’ve developed the best grooming routine possible, you’re still going to have times when you’ll need to freshen up on the go. Going straight from the office to the pub, running for a bus in 30 degree heat, or just chilling by the pool – if you’re hoping to stay fresh in hot temperatures without a shower, you need a viable back up plan.

Advancing somewhat from those used when we were toddlers, the ‘wet wipe’ style products available from some of the top skincare brands are an effective and compact solution to your on the go grooming dilemmas – for both your face and body:

  • Lab Series Oil Control Towelettes 100mlLab Series Oil Control Towelettes 100ml
  • Deodorising Wipes Pack Of 8Deodorising Wipes Pack Of 8
  • Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes X 30Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes X 30
  • Neutrogena Multi-defence® Gentle Purifying Wipes 25sNeutrogena Multi-defence® Gentle Purifying Wipes 25s
3. Mattifying Skincare

If you suffer from oily skin or are prone to the odd bit of ‘shiny forehead’, then hot weather is going to magnify the problem tenfold. I have dry skin and even I have been experiencing excess oil this summer. Not only is it a bad look, but it can lead to breakouts as well.

Getting a handle on an oily complexion may be easier than you think. Switching out your normal moisturiser for one of these targeted professional products below will help minimise oil and shine, giving your skin a matte finish, whilst adding a toner to your routine will offer further protection throughout the day.

FashionBeans Tip: Toners like the men-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel are a great product to keep in your bag for a mid-day mattifying refresh.

  • Murad Skin Oil Control Mattifier Spf15 50mlMurad Skin Oil Control Mattifier Spf15 50ml
  • Clinique Scruffing Lotion 3.5 200mlClinique Scruffing Lotion 3.5 200ml
  • Men-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel 100mlMen-u Matt Skin Refresh Gel 100ml
  • Murad Clarifying Toner 150mlMurad Clarifying Toner 150ml
  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Oil Control Solution 100mlLab Series Skincare For Men Oil Control Solution 100ml
  • Lab Series Skincare For Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator 50mlLab Series Skincare For Men Oil Control Daily Hydrator 50ml
4. SPF As Standard

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: SPF protection for your face and body is absolutely essential. I’d normally advise guys to wear at least SPF15 on their face all year round, but the moment the temperature rises the importance of SPF protection rises with it.

We’ve all seen (and possibly been) those guys walking around with beetroot red shoulders, and whilst it’s funny at the time the damage to the skin is really concerning.

With decent SPF protection the minimum you’ll get is protection against painful and unsightly sunburn. But you’ll also get protection against skin ageing, pigmentation damage and skin cancer. It’s a no-brainer guys.

Here is some market leading sun protection for your face…

  • Ultrasun Face Spf 30 50mlUltrasun Face Spf 30 50ml
  • Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Protect Spf 21 100mlClinique Skin Supplies For Men M Protect Spf 21 100ml
  • Murad Oil Free Sunblock Spf30 50mlMurad Oil Free Sunblock Spf30 50ml
  • Ultrasun Sports Spf 20 200mlUltrasun Sports Spf 20 200ml
  • Ultrasun Spf 30 Super Sensitive Family Formula Once A Day 150mlUltrasun Spf 30 Super Sensitive Family Formula Once A Day 150ml
  • Ultrasun Sports Spray Spf 50 150mlUltrasun Sports Spray Spf 50 150ml
5. Preventing Foot Odour

My final tip is technically a grooming issue, but the solution doesn’t just lie in great products or a routine change.

For many (including me) foot odour doesn’t rear its head until boat shoes, espadrilles, loafers and trainers are worn sockless in the summer. Kicks without socks pretty much guarantees foot odour, smelly shoes and a generally uncomfortable experience.

The solution? No show or invisible socks. Yes, they may look pretty stupid without shoes on, but they create the illusion of no socks without the potentially toxic odours.

  • Hugo Boss No Show SocksHugo Boss No Show Socks
  • River Island Black Invisible Trainer Socks PackRiver Island Black Invisible Trainer Socks Pack
  • Topman Nep Socks Liners 3 Pack SocksTopman Nep Socks Liners 3 Pack Socks
Final Word

So there you have it, five easy adjustments you can make to your grooming routine when the mercury rises.

Make sure you let us know the product or routine changes you have made to counteract the heat in the comments section below…