Party season is well under way, and our social calendars are set to be pretty full throughout the entire month of December. Whether it’s the annual office party, a night out with friends or big family gathering, we all need to plan our outfits and, of course, hairstyles for the upcoming events.

The office Christmas ‘do’, in particular, can become a pretty overwhelming experience, especially with the added pressure of wanting to make the right impression and really showcase your style credentials to your colleagues.

It’s always good to make a grand entrance and wow those people you work with, many of whom may have never seen you in a social environment before.

So with this in mind, what hairstyle should you opt for?

Formal/Smart Events

You should always look to style your hair based on what you’re wearing and the occasion. For example, a messy bed head isn’t entirely appropriate for a formal black tie dress code. If you’re attending an event where you are expected to dress smartly, wearing a suit and tie, then it would be wise to complement the look with traditional, neatly-groomed hair.

However, regardless of how you normally wear your hair, for this time of year I think it’s important to have a sharper haircut that is well maintained and in great shape. Try opting for a classic cut that can be worn in different ways, for ultimate versatility.

Personally, I would suggest going shorter through the back and sides to keep the edges looking clean and tidy. If you maintain some length through the top then the hairstyle can look completely different depending on the way it’s blow dried and your choice of styling product.

Classic/High-Shine Styles

If you are going to be wearing a tuxedo or suit, look to style your hair in a classic way. Try applying a high-shine product to give off a more polished appearance and add that final level of refinement.

Three timeless hairstyles immediately spring to mind for formal occasions: the side parting, a side-swept quiff and, for those with long length on top, slicked back hair.

It’s always best to style your hair with your suit on, in order to get a true feel for the overall aesthetic; I know I feel very different when I’m dressed in a full suit. I’m sure some of you might be worried about appearing over-styled, but it really does depend on the occasion. Everyone does go the extra mile for such big events, therefore it’s the ideal time to get adventurous and try something different.

Below you will find some examples of high-shine or classic hairstyles you could try:

Key Products

Products with shine have become extremely popular this year, so try styling your hair slicker by using American Crew Pomade or Grooming Cream, depending on length. Kevin Murphy Super Goo is another great product to consider, too.

For maximum hold use a strong hairspray – this is particularly relevant for those tackling the elements when travelling to and from the venue.

FashionBeans Tip: Carry an old lip balm pot (think small Vaseline tin) filled with your favourite styling product in your pocket. When you arrive at the event you can quickly go to the bathroom and fix your hair, should it be required. You can also take it when you go clubbing too – there’s nothing worse than your hair looking out of control half way through the night.

  • American Crew Pomade 85gm
  • American Crew Grooming Cream 85gm
  • Kevin Murphy Super Goo
  • Osis Session Extreme Hold Hairspray 300ml
  • Paul Mitchell Express Style Hold Me Tight 125ml
  • Redken Water Wax 03 Shine Defining Pomade 50ml
  • Soft Water Pomade Baxter Of California
  • Wella Professionals Dry Smooth Brilliance Shine Pomade 75ml
  • Billy Jealousy Mens Ruckus Hair Forming Cream 57g
Casual/Relaxed Events

If you are attending a less formal Christmas party, your hairstyle can be more relaxed – try scrunching it or opting for one of the dishevelled styles we featured recently on FashionBeans.

Make sure you show off the texture of the haircut and have some fun with how you wear it. Try working a product like Kevin Murphy Hair Resort or Bangstyle Mousse into the hair before you blow dry, in order to give it some serious volume.

It’s nice to have a bigger or more exaggerated hairstyle at these events, especially when you consider the more conservative way many of us wear our hair at work. Experiment and get creative – it’s only hair, and if it gets too big you can always calm it down with some hairspray or by running your fingers through it.

Example Hairstyles

Key Products
  • Style By Kevin.murphy Hair.resort 150ml
  • Bangstyle Volumizing Mousse
  • Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Mousse 200ml
  • Loréal Professionnel Tecni Art Volume Lift Spray Mousse 250ml
  • Label.m Volume Mousse 200ml
  • Goldwell Stylesign Power Whip Strengthening Volume Mousse 300ml
Looking After Your Hair

Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, it’s important to keep it in the best condition possible. Due to the fact you are going out more during this period, you should also find you are washing your hair more frequently. Therefore, it’s imperative you condition your hair and scalp to keep it healthy and manageable.

I personally find that I consume a lot more alcohol over the festive season, which leaves my skin and hair feeling dehydrated. Make sure you counteract this by drinking plenty of water and, if need be, leave your conditioner to penetrate and soak into your hair for a few minutes whilst in the shower, which helps force moisture back in.

If you don’t have time for this, try applying a leave-in conditioner lotion/spray and then blow drying it in:

  • Daily Protein Shampoo Baxter Of California
  • American Crew Daily Shampoo 250ml
  • Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner 250ml
  • Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml
  • Keracare – Keracare Leave-in Conditioner 118ml
  • Kms California Moist Repair Leave In Conditioner
Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re not usually one to spend money on decent hair products, now is the time for you to get the essentials in. When you next get your hair cut, ask your stylist for personal recommendations on the products YOUR hair needs – based on length, condition, texture, weight, etc. – to keep it looking its best for the next few months.

I would suggest getting them to write a list of the shampoo, conditioner, styling products and tools (hair dryer/stylers) you may require. I know that many family members struggle to buy gifts for guys, so take advantage of this and give them a list of exactly what you need.

There are also some excellent offers around at this time of year and many of the top brands release special gift sets that are normally discounted, which make great presents.

The initial investment is always difficult but salon products really do last a long time and you will probably find that you will only need to replace one at a time when they run out.

  • Ghd Gold Mini Styler
  • Babyliss Pro Gt Ionic Ii Dryer 2000w
  • Parlux Superturbo Hp
  • 3 More Inches Safety Comb
  • Paul Mitchell 870 Vented Styling Brush Free Gift
  • Redken For Men Best Selling Duo 2 Products
  • Redken Intraforce Hair Thickening Kit – Normal Hair 3 Products
  • Lock Stock & Barrel Hair Only
  • American Crew Luxury Wash Bag
Final Word

So there you have some quick tips on how to style your hair this party season, along with what you need to do in order to keep it in tip top condition. Remember that just like your ensemble, adjust your hairstyle and overall appearance to the event and dress code in question – this is a hallmark of any well-dressed gent.

If you have any specific questions about party season hair or would like some more recommendations for gift ideas this Christmas, drop a comment below…