Moschino Forever Sailing Fragrance

Italian fashion giant Moschino is kicking off the summer season with the release of a new men’s fragrance: Moschino Forever Sailing, the exciting successor of 2011s Moschino Forever. The fragrance is updated for the younger, more adventurous gentleman and is inspired by travel, sea and long summer nights.

The fragrance is a fascinating, aromatic blend of cool and warm notes with an emphasis on the lightness of fresh citruses, anchored by the heavier scents of wood and musk.

The top notes of the fragrance offer an immediate revitalising surge when you spray it on in the morning, with your senses picking up the explosion of icy mint, lemon and grapefruit. The fresh citrus lingers for a bit before revealing the gentle middle notes of lavender and juniper. The base of the fragrance features the much more sensual notes of patchouli, amber, wood and musk.

The result is a scent that will take you through your whole summer, every single day. It starts off lightly – not too overbearing in warm weather and offering a quick pick-me-up in the morning – yet by the time you’re ready to go out in the evening, the darker base notes of the scent have already started doing their magic.

Moschino Forever Sailing is perfect if you are looking for a strong, striking fragrance that is versatile and can be put on without too much thought. It comes in a sharp, geometrically-styled bottle with a blue tint, tying it all together with the inspiration of the sea. The effortlessly cool bottle is perfect for carrying in your bag or your grooming kit without worrying about it sustaining any damage.

The fragrance will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau De Toilette sizes, together with a range of matching body care products. It is set to be released first in Italy and then internationally. Stay tuned for more details and availability.

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Moschino Forever Sailing Fragrance

Moschino Forever Sailing Fragrance