Mt. Rainier Design Autumn/Winter 2013

For the assuredly harsh autumn and winter seasons that we’re entering, Japanese clothing brand Mt. Rainier present a hardy and stylish collection of retro outerwear to aid the fight against miserable conditions.

Drawing inspiration from the classic outdoor look of American fashion in the 1960s, Mt. Rainier began their mission by teaming with a Californian manufacturer who they felt had the requisite skills, experience and craftsmanship to properly realise their revival fantasies.

Using an innovative technique and material dubbed Sixty Forty Fabric, Mt. Rainier weave horizontal 60% cotton yarn and vertical 40% nylon yarn balanced at about a 60:40 ratio in a reticular pattern. This unique blend provides added protection from the elements as the cotton distends and increases its fabric density in wet conditions, giving it unique water-repellent and wind-resistant qualities.

When dry, the cotton shrinks enough to provide added breathability. Frictionally stronger than 100 per cent nylon and lighter and softer than 100 per cent cotton, the Sixty Forty Fabric adds a distinctive quality that is matched by no other on the current market.

Some of the classic styles offered include staples such as parkas, bags, knitted beanies and a brilliantly cosy Nordic Knit sweater, alongside inventive new interpretations of the Hunting Mountain Parka and the Windshed Zip Jacket, which features a dense, protective nylon weave.

The accompanying lookbook features a bearded outdoorsman-type model showcasing items from the collection in a wooded area, perfectly capturing the rugged feel of the range.

Mt. Rainier Design’s autumn/winter 2013 collection is available now from End Clothing, and other Mt. Rainier Design stockists.

Mt. Rainier Design Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook

Mt. Rainier Design Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Mt. Rainier Design Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Mt. Rainier Design Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection