Murdock London Skincare Collection

They say that England’s Shoreditch district is the creative hub where all great things begin; an area of London where collective minds come together to develop the successes of the future. If Murdock London is anything to go by then ‘they’ could very well have a point.

Murdock London is targeted at you, the stylish, image conscious, gentleman of today. It is a domicile for men wanting to better themselves in a masculine environment that traditional unisex salons just cannot seem to replicate.

With four Murdock stores in London’s Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Soho (Liberty) and Spitalfields, those living in the British capital have a plethora of options available to them when it comes to enhancing themselves in the style stakes.

However, outside of England’s capital city the multi-talented male grooming specialists have also developed a signature ‘Murdock Skincare’ collection, as well as shaving implements and accoutrements for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Murdock’s skincare collection is inspired by the Great British tradition of male grooming; its cities, seasides, countrysides and even the infamous weather that continues to torture the British Isles.

Products in the range include ‘Hand Body Wash’, ‘Hand Cream’, ‘Cleansing Facial Wash’, ‘Facial Scrub’ and ‘Lip Salve’ to name but a few. Clinically effective English garden herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary are combined with evocative, quintessentially British ingredients – resulting in a skincare collection that is tailored to the grooming needs and tastes of the modern Murdock Man.

Murdock London also boasts an impressive ‘Shaving Collection’ that includes ‘Brush stands’, ‘Double-Edge Razors’, ‘Shaving Bowls’ and even the imperious ‘Cut Throat Razor’. Murdock continues to raise the bar with its range of male grooming products, ensuring remarkable results are to be had both in and out of the bathroom.

You can shop the full range over on the Murdock London website.

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Murdock London – Skincare Collection

Murdock London – Skincare Collection