Perricone MD Launch Photo Plasma

The days of washing your face with soap and water and adding a splash of Old Spice are long gone; men’s grooming has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Whilst female cosmetics companies continue to explore and emphasise homoeopathic or aromatherapy solutions, men’s cosmetics are often more focused on science and results.

One brand that has science at the forefront over every single product they produce is Perricone MD – and they take thing up a notch with the release of Photo Plasma, an anti-ageing moisturiser suitable for both men and women.

The first thing we noticed when trying the face cream was the texture. Completely different from any moisturiser we have previously used, it was almost like a mousse and glided onto the skin with ease.

With the cream being so light and easily absorbed, Photo Plasma leaves your skin feeling instantly refreshed and hydrated, although the product’s long term benefits are what we are most intrigued by. Perricone claim that the moisturiser is able to fight all ten causes of premature ageing – sun exposure, dehydration, pollution, harsh wind, excessive heat, extreme cold, heavy metals, smoke, stress and chemical irritants – due to a powerful cocktail of scientific ingredients.

These ingredients are non-chemical and paraben free, whilst it also includes Vitamin C Ester and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help brighten the skin and smooth surface imperfections. In this way it can be considered similar to a BB cream, which are designed to cover and reduce spots without having to resort to wearing make-up.

However, possibly the best thing about Photo Plasma is that you get sun protection factor 30 in a light, non-greasy formula (something other face creams still struggle with). A high protection from sun damage is paramount to keeping skin looking younger for longer, which makes this a superb every day option for those who want to preserve their youthful complexion.

With anti-ageing benefits, sun protection and blemish reduction in one, Photo plasma has set a new standard for daily moisturisers and we can see this product reigning supreme in our grooming bag for the foreseeable future.

It is priced at £54 for 59ml at Selfridges.

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Perricone MD launch Photo Plasma

Perricone MD launch Photo Plasma