Laser-Guided Precision

Tech giant Philips has released the world’s first ever laser-guided beard trimmer. Called the ‘Beard Trimmer 9000’, the futuristic grooming gadget incorporates a variety of adjustable settings, along with the aforementioned laser guide, to offer one of the most accurate and effortless electric shaves to date.

With the rough and ready look currently trending within menswear, men across the globe are choosing to maintain some form of stubble or short beard in order to appear more masculine or rugged.

However, taking care of such facial hair is almost as hard as having to clean shave every day. With uneven growth and only the human eye to guide your shave, creating truly defined, sharp facial hair styles can quickly become a nightmare.

After years of research and development, Philips are looking to solve this common problem once and for all: “We started the development of the advanced laser guide in the Beard Trimmer 9000 in 2009 when our team was exploring ways to make beard styling easier for men,” said Michael Plothe, Senior Product Manager at Philips, “to perfect a style is not exactly easy, so if a product can show exactly where the hairs will be cut, the end result will be more even.”

The Laser

The brand’s research revealed that men were looking for a sharp thin line to guide them whilst trimming their stubble. Philips initially considered LEDs, but Plothe states it would not have had the same effect: “The eye is a better optical sensor than a high quality camera and the men we spoke to had made it very clear that the crispness of the line was a strong requirement,” he said. “That is why we opted for laser light as opposed to for example LED, as a laser can be sharper.”

The laser element is extremely simple to use, projecting a single line onto the face (it can’t create multi-line patterns like below just yet) which allows the user to follow along in a completely straight line – perfect for tidying up sideburns, sculpting cheek/neck lines and creating definition throughout the style:

Philips Laser-Guided Beard Trimmer 9000

Aside from its unique selling point, other key features include a 100 per cent waterproof casing, allowing you to use it during your morning shower and rinse it under the tap to clean; two cutting heads (32mm and 15mm), for normal and precision trimming; and lock-in length settings from 0.4mm to 7mm, which will help sculpt anything from stubble to a short beard.

Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 Video

Product Highlights
Easy To Use
  • Water-resistant for easy cleaning
  • Detail comb for precision, and beard comb for control
  • The LED display clearly shows your chosen length setting
  • LED display shows the battery level
  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed
  • 60 minutes’ cordless use after a one-hour charge, or plug it in
  • Skin-friendly, high-performance blades for the perfect trim
  • Use the unique laser guide for precise, symmetrical results
  • The zoom wheel ‘locks in’ your chosen length setting
  • Dual-sided reversible trimmer for ultimate versatility
  • Set length to 1/64″ (0.4mm) for perfect stubble every day

Philips Laser-Guided Beard Trimmer 9000

Where To Buy

A revolutionary new gadget that makes maintaining stubble or a short beard a pleasure rather than a chore, the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 is priced at £99 and available exclusively in Boots stores and online at

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