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Sometimes the idea of enduring an afternoon of shopping fills the male species with dread and nervousness; fighting through crowds, waiting in queues and deciding which item to buy can simply cause men to flee to the nearest bus stop. Sound familiar? Fear not, Pickwick and Weller have launched the ‘Try it on at Home’ policy, which could potentially solve many shopping quandaries and begin an online shopping craze.

To begin, simply fill out their simple style assessment form – which asks questions about preferable style, fit and colour. Once completed, a range of styles, sizes and shades are delivered to you free of charge, rolled carefully into a Pickwick and Weller gift box known as the ‘Home Fit Kit’.

Your bedroom becomes your own personal fitting room, giving you the chance to experience the feel and fit over a five day time frame. Once you have made your decision, again at no cost, the items deemed unsuitable can then be returned.

The brand focuses on basic t-shirts, which Pickwick and Weller have recognised as a huge part of the modern capsule wardrobe. Ensuring that their tees are sharp and well crafted, they provide the timeless foundation to any great outfit. Sourcing luxurious fabrics to deliver staple garments that remain soft and durable is significant to the brand’s success.

Let’s hope the ‘Home Fit Kit’ catches on – a service that affords you the time to make rational, clear decisions from the comfort of your home will certainly lead to smarter clothing purchases. However, be sure to return the unwanted goods after the five day grace period or your bill will be larger than you expect.

To get started, head over to the Pickwick & Weller website.

Pickwick & Weller – Try it on at Home

Pickwick and Weller - Try it on at Home

Pickwick and Weller - Try it on at Home

Pickwick and Weller - Try it on at Home