Snow has quickly become part and parcel of Britain’s late winter climate. Over the last few years, and particularly in recent weeks, wardrobe conditions have worsened as the country is once again blanketed in the white stuff. Despite that we have come to expect it, every time snow season arrives, it still manages to slow the country down and cause as much – if not more – disruption as it did the time before.

The year’s opening months can make it a nightmare when it comes to dressing for an often extreme climate. Most reach for the biggest and warmest clothing they can find, whilst others attempt to style it out, falling short on practicality.

Today we are going to be trying to find a happy – and stylish – medium between the two, breaking down the key considerations you should be making when creating looks designed to brace the chill.

Dressing For The Snow
Key Piece: Parka

When dressing for dropping temperatures, getting your choice of outerwear right is imperative. There is a vast array of options available for combating extreme weather, and making the right choice – in terms of practicality and polish – is the difference between a great outfit and a poor one.

In terms of warmth, a down-filled parka is one of the finest selections you can make. The military inspired, mod-favoured outerwear possesses both the sensibility and sophistication we require, whilst the versatility of the style means it works for both casual and smart looks; pairing as well with tailoring as it does jeans and t-shirt combinations.

Even as the snow clears up, the parka will continue to serve you well for the occasional cold snap and particularly the early morning commute. While we often encourage you to develop well-layered looks, a parka eradicates the necessity of excessive or bulky layers for insulation. The down filling ensures you can battle even the harshest of elements with just your suit underneath, and once removed you will be able to enjoy your commute without feeling hot or uncomfortable.

Men's Parka Lookbook

sandro aw12louis vuitton pre aw13Right-On Aw12Woolrich John Rich & Bros aw13espionage aw12ben sherman aw12
  • Topman Mustard Fur Trim ParkaTopman Mustard Fur Trim Parka
  • Asos Black X Puma Arctic ParkaAsos Black X Puma Arctic Parka
  • Asos Quilted Arctic ParkaAsos Quilted Arctic Parka
  • Selected Down Parka JacketSelected Down Parka Jacket
  • Quilted Hooded Faux Fur ParkaQuilted Hooded Faux Fur Parka
  • Hugo Boss Oscott-w Padded JacketHugo Boss Oscott-w Padded Jacket
  • Khaki Cotton Hooded Parka JacketKhaki Cotton Hooded Parka Jacket
  • Mcq Alexander Mcqueen Black Perforated Leather Military ParkaMcq Alexander Mcqueen Black Perforated Leather Military Parka
  • Canada Goose Citadel Coyote-trim Parka JacketCanada Goose Citadel Coyote-trim Parka Jacket
Key Technique: Layering

If putting all of your faith in one piece of outerwear isn’t for you, or you’re aiming for a more creative route to tackling the snow, then carefully curated layering is the way to go.

While layering is a tried and tested method in developing stylish and unique looks, its primary purpose is practicality.

Utilising insulating pieces, such as lightweight gilets or quilting, underneath your outer layers is an efficient way of keeping yourself warm without adding unnecessary bulk to your outfit or ruining the slim lines you’ve worked hard to create. A dispensable middle layer is also useful for when you get indoors as it can easily be removed and stored away without any hassle.

Experimental and creative layering is something that has been a hot topic within the FashionBeans community recently. As a result, the matter has been covered in two fail-safe articles:

Men's Cold Weather Outfits - Layering Techniques

ami aw13j crew aw12topman aw12louis vuitton pre aw13closed denim aw11the kooples sport aw12Peak Performance Aw13day birger at mikkelsen aw11he by mango aw12
  • Easy Padded GiletEasy Padded Gilet
  • Scotch And Soda Reversible GiletScotch And Soda Reversible Gilet
  • Samsoe Samsoe Quilted GiletSamsoe Samsoe Quilted Gilet
  • Gant Rugger Quilted Wool GiletGant Rugger Quilted Wool Gilet
  • Belstaff Croydon Quilted Jacket 153026Belstaff Croydon Quilted Jacket 153026
  • Burberry Brit Navy 4 Pocket Quilt JacketBurberry Brit Navy 4 Pocket Quilt Jacket
Practical Footwear

Selecting the correct footwear is vital when it comes to tackling the snow. Not only do you have to be mindful of the treacherous conditions but you also have to consider the cold and the damage weather and/or grit salt can cause to your beloved footwear.

To avoid condemning your best brogues to the bin once spring hits, follow these simple rules:

  • A rubber sole is essential. Make it leather and you’re going to be slipping and sliding all over the place – a sling is definitely not the must have accessory this season.
  • Opt for a boot over a shoe wherever possible. The extra protection will help keep your socks and skin dry.
  • When the occasion necessitates a more formal shoe, a galosh (a protective rubber boot that slips over the top of your shoes to protect them) should be kept in mind. This will protect the leather and help stop you from slipping over. While wholly practical, ensure there’s little clash with the rest of your outfit.
  • A functional alternative to the boot or galosh is the Wellington. Whilst not as well regarded style-wise as, say, the hiking boot, they do trump all else when it comes to guarding against the elements.

Men's Snow and Cold Weather Appropriate Footwear

espionage aw12Woolrich John Rich & Bros aw13Woolrich John Rich & Bros aw13boomerang aw12bally aw13MAC aw12
  • Timberland Earthkeeper Rugged 2.0 Hiking BootsTimberland Earthkeeper Rugged 2.0 Hiking Boots
  • Diemme Mens Firenze Ontario Work BootDiemme Mens Firenze Ontario Work Boot
  • Moncler Hiking Boots 134998Moncler Hiking Boots 134998
  • Red Wing Shoes 875 Moc Rubber-soled Leather BootsRed Wing Shoes 875 Moc Rubber-soled Leather Boots
  • Hunter Original Tall WelliesHunter Original Tall Wellies
  • Swims Classic Navy GaloshesSwims Classic Navy Galoshes
Practical Accessories

In any weather, accessories help tie an outfit together in both a practical and fashion sense. This becomes even more relevant during the winter season; there’s little point having a warm torso whilst your head and hands are freezing.


The urban myth dictates that you lose most heat from your head. Whilst not strictly true, no one wants to suffer a cruel winter wind to their bare ears. The options available are varied, although you ideally want something that will cover your ears and not be blown off by a winter gust.

A fitted beanie is your best bet, with neutral versions able to blend seamlessly in with your existing wardrobe. Coloured versions can be utilised as a way of introducing a shot of life into a monochromatic ensemble, especially as you will most likely remove it once you are inside at your destination.

Other weather appropriate styles can include the trapper, flat cap or even the trending bobble hat:

Men's Snow Hats

Edwin aw12burton aw12paul smith jeans aw12ami aw13debenhams aw12gap aw12
  • Allsaints Bay BeanieAllsaints Bay Beanie
  • Nonnative Dweller Woven Rib Wool BeanieNonnative Dweller Woven Rib Wool Beanie
  • Allsaints Yusa BeanieAllsaints Yusa Beanie
  • Topman Burgundy Pattern BeanieTopman Burgundy Pattern Beanie
  • Barts Kamikaze Trapper Hat – BlackBarts Kamikaze Trapper Hat - Black
  • Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Shearling HatPaul Smith Shoes & Accessories Shearling Hat

Whilst massive ski-gloves will do wonders for keeping your hands warm, they aren’t the most stylish of options. Stick to knit or, even better, leather. If you’re planning on picking up snow (you big kid), knit is probably the better option considering the salt on the ground may tarnish the leather.

If your budget will stretch, it’s also worth investing in a pair with a cashmere lining for the extra insulation.

Men's Cold Weather Gloves

lacoste aw12gap aw12the kooples aw12loewe aw13louis vuitton pre aw13berluti aw12
  • Asos Touch Screen GlovesAsos Touch Screen Gloves
  • Marl Knitted Gloves With Thinsulate™Marl Knitted Gloves With Thinsulate™
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Lux Merino GlovesPolo Ralph Lauren Mens Lux Merino Gloves
  • Austin Reed Chocolate Knit Top GlovesAustin Reed Chocolate Knit Top Gloves
  • Barbour GlovesBarbour Gloves
  • Dents Cashmere-lined Leather GlovesDents Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves

There’s not too much ground breaking to say on the topic of scarves. Treat them as an opportunity to introduce a pop of colour or print to an otherwise dull outfit. Equally, make use of more timeless, classic colours if you want to complement your outfit in a more subtle manner.

For a comprehensive overview of scarf types and knots, read our guide to them here.

Men's Cold Weather Scarves

cruciani aw12peak performance aw12lbm 1911 aw12ami aw13club monaco aw12minimum autumn 2012
  • Supersoft Touch Heritage ScarfSupersoft Touch Heritage Scarf
  • Oliver Spencer Cable Knitted ScarfOliver Spencer Cable Knitted Scarf
  • Asos Cable Knit ScarfAsos Cable Knit Scarf
  • Selected ScarfSelected Scarf
  • Austin Reed Red/charcoal Checked ScarfAustin Reed Red/charcoal Checked Scarf
  • Howlin By Morrison Marvin Fairisle ScarfHowlin By Morrison Marvin Fairisle Scarf
Example Outfits
Look One

Dress for the snow in a casual manner with a roll neck jumper, quilted jacket and beanie pairing. The burgundy beanie complements the dark navy tone of the jacket, whilst slim/skinny jeans and tan leather hiking boots keep the bottom part of the look as casual as the top.

Finish off with a pair of brown leather gloves that correspond to, but don’t match, the colour of the boots.

  • Universal Works Cream Soft Lambswool Aran Roll Neck KnitUniversal Works Cream Soft Lambswool Aran Roll Neck Knit
  • Belstaff Huntingdon Quilted Lightweight JacketBelstaff Huntingdon Quilted Lightweight Jacket
  • Burgundy Watchman Beanie HatBurgundy Watchman Beanie Hat
  • Allsaints Stamp Cigarette JeansAllsaints Stamp Cigarette Jeans
  • J Lindeberg Pilot GlovesJ Lindeberg Pilot Gloves
  • Pieces Prima Leather Hiking BootPieces Prima Leather Hiking Boot
Look Two

Prepare your office attire for a blizzard. Integrate a quilted gilet underneath your blazer before layering a parka over the top for maximum protection from the elements.

With your top half taken care of, protect your office appropriate footwear with a pair of navy galoshes and suitable accessories (a premium umbrella will never look out of place).

  • Dunhill Cotton ShirtDunhill Cotton Shirt
  • Topman Camel Slim Fleck Two Piece SuitTopman Camel Slim Fleck Two Piece Suit
  • A.p.c. Two-tone Knitted TieA.p.c. Two-tone Knitted Tie
  • Samsoe Samsoe Quilted GiletSamsoe Samsoe Quilted Gilet
  • Canada Goose Citadel ParkaCanada Goose Citadel Parka
  • Swims Classic Navy GaloshesSwims Classic Navy Galoshes

With snow hitting both sides of the Atlantic in recent weeks, being able to dress practically – and stylishly – for the most punishing of weather is becoming a necessity.

But now we want to hear your view and personal tips for combating snow:

  • How do you protect yourself and your office attire when the snow strikes?
  • Are you a fan of the galosh or do you opt for a hardwearing pair of shoes
  • What are your thoughts on the gilet? Do you make use of its layering merits in both casual and smart settings? Or avoid it at all costs?
  • Finally, how do you dress casually when the snow strikes?

Let us know in the comments section.