Rad Hourani Unisex Collection

Displaying a fresh perspective toward minimalist fashion, innovative designer Rad Hourani has recently released his Rad by Rad Hourani Unisex collection.

Providing a series of sleek uniform outfits, this modern collection not only blurs the lines between gender specific fashions, but simultaneously retains a timeless appeal.

Working within a sharp, monochrome palette, the collection boasts a range of contemporary wardrobe staples including jackets, trousers and varied tees. With extended length cuts having become popular recently, this range fits in nicely with the emergent trend. Although primarily used to aid in the creation of fluid looks and silhouettes, these lengthened pieces also strongly exhibit the adopted open approach to gender.

The mix of fabrics incorporated throughout the line include a heavy use of leather and jersey, both of which are being utilised, to varying degrees, throughout the industry right now.

Key pieces within the range include the sharp cornered jackets and the sleeveless leather tees. However, the stand out piece has to be the sleeveless black coat. It’s stripped back, clean-lined design effortlessly epitomises the entire collection’s appeal.

Proving that a minimal approach to fashion can be stylish, effortless and, ultimately, cost effective, this new unisex collection intelligently appeals to both classic style seekers and fashion forward males.

See more at RadHourani.com.

Rad Hourani Unisex Collection