Rivieras Leisure Shoes

As two iconic films featuring impeccable celluloid style, I would like to think the majority of FashionBeans readers will be aware of the psychological thriller The Talented Mr. Ripley, or it’s original French version Purple Noon (Plein Soleil).

Whilst the films dramatic scenes come as quite a shock to the viewer, the sartorial choices are much more easy on the eye. With acute accuracy to 1950s Italian Mediterranean style, key character Dickie Greenleaf can be seen wearing slim short-sleeved shirts, coupled with informal chinos/shorts, all in neutral, muted tones.

However, the crucial element to achieving this relaxed elegant look is a pair of matching slip-on pumps, which Rivieras have now emulated in the form of their current premium slip-on collection.

Last summer saw the rise of lace up espadrilles, and it’s no wonder they became so popular – with them being such a versatile and comfortable shoe. However, these rope-soled pumps have a very limited life span, and are not always the most refined option, so if your looking for a smart pair of holiday slip-ons that will last year on year, Rivieras is a great place to start.

The latest premium collection takes inspiration from the brand’s original deck shoe of the 1950s, providing contemporary gents with the perfect opportunity to buy back into the iconic fifties style. With the vintage marina aesthetic steadily cementing itself in modern summer fashion, it should come as no surprise that Riviera have collaborated with major designers such as Baartmans and Siegel at the recent London Collection: MEN.

Now using elements of Cuban style, the Rivieras range complements minimalistic, lightweight tailoring in natural tones. Try pairing with khaki/navy chino shorts, a lightweight shirt and linen blazer for effortless holiday nighttime style. Or why not utilise them with a faded Breton striped tee for a vintage take on the nautical trend that is ever-present each spring/summer?

Each pair of Rivieras dock slide slip-ons is handcrafted in Spain and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Reputable for using materials of the highest quality, the pumps consist of a soft towel lining and cushioned nappa-leather sole – yet they still maintain a level of sturdiness that you expect from a hard wearing shoe.

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Rivieras Leisure Shoes

Rivieras Leisure Shoes