‘No F****** Around in Room 427’

Playing with the usual artiness of fashion film making, Danny Sangra creates a short that makes you want to buy some really nice clothes, without shoving them in your face – and there are even a couple of chuckles along the way.

Stocking brands like Our Legacy, Hentsch Man, Reigning Champ, Gant Rugger, Sandqvist, Penfield and Libertine Libertine, The Great Divide offers customers high quality, classic pieces that will never fall out of style.

The film is a nice little skit that almost touches on the likes of Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier – if there were but a few more odd silent moments. The hapless lovers… and some awesome yellow soled, blue suede Derby shoes.

Starting out with a rather too well dressed couple the short quickly picks up pace when the pair, having just arrived at a hotel booked cheaply online, realise they have accidentally secured themselves a censored suite.

The clothes and outfits feature prominently alongside The Great Divide’s shamelessly plugged name and logo, so shamelessly it is evidently intentional and quite harmless fun. It’s a quaint hipster blend of ever-noticeable cinematography and an upbeat light-hearted script.

It’s definitely worth watching, if only as an advert – the original catwalk film is something that I would really like to see more of in the future.

‘No F****** Around in Room 427’ A Film By Danny Sangra

Check out the video below: