Run&Fell AW13

In an effort to get the most out of our summer wardrobes, I would image that the majority of us have probably ignored the recent transition of weather in the UK as we now move into autumn. However, Manchester-based label Run&Fell have chosen to embrace the coming season, using the often dreary months of the year as inspiration for their new collection.

Showcasing an exclusive range of graphic t-shirts, the designs illustrate the bleakness of winter and its cold aesthetic. Moreover, this use of gloomy inspiration is intensified by the current global recession and period of austerity that Run&Fell feel mirrors the harsh season of winter.

From such a dark theme, the chosen colour palette evokes a dim quality, featuring grey, off white and jet black hues. Nevertheless, found dispersed amongst these ominous tones are flashes of metallics – used to create a juxtaposition between dark and more optimistic colours.

In reference to the designs themselves, the brand have endorsed common symbols and landscapes that bring about thoughts and emotions usually attached with autumn and winter. The bare tree design epitomises the absence of colour and life within the season, whilst the differing deer print represents the magnificence and splendour of nature.

One other stand out tee within the collection is the milk bottle design that plays on an iconic British shape and culture – the sketched print also draws on the controversial political history of milk in the 1980s.

The printing methods of Run&Fell’s latest collection is worth noting as the northern label has gone back to basics by using potato and lino printing – both methods ensuring the garments are unique in terms of production and finish. In addition, the use of top quality organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics all exemplifies the brands commitment to quality and ethical approach.

You can shop the collection over at ASOS Marketplace.

Run&Fell AW13