Second Chance by Publish Brand

Publish have created a truly unique project in reaction to the rise of production within the fashion industry, which has resulted in a dramatic increase of textile waste. By re-using the post-industrial waste to design a range of menswear basics, the brand hope to raise awareness of the effects of production pollution.

The limitations of designing with waste materials in terms of size, fabric quality and colour seems a challenging yet rewarding task, which Publish successfully achieve. Basic items are essential in creating layered, interesting looks; a simple tee can be worn in various ways, ensuring that wardrobe staples such as these are continually in popular demand. Therefore, the innovative brand has cleverly chosen a route that will help prevent waste materials from filling landfill disposals.

The extremely appropriate title of the line is ‘Second Chance’ and includes classic stripe tees, vests, jogging bottoms and shorts in a variety of colours. Surprisingly, enough fabric was accumulated to make 100 pieces per style.

The inspiring project is an excellent example of what can be achieved with determination and imagination. Here is a collection that does not lack in quality or style yet seeks alternative, environmentally friendly ways to maintain their place within the industry. A clever way of offering mass manufacturing, it offers a ‘Second Chance’ to rethink the factors within a potentially damaging process rather than solely focusing on results.

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Second Chance by Publish Brand