Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013 Review

On Saturday 27th April, London’s trendiest individuals gathered at the Hoxton Docks, where a vacant warehouse played host to a truly vibrant and uniquely immersive fashion event. OffBeat in association with Made In Shoreditch and Vivid Fashion Group created “OffBeat Live”: a unique celebration of fashion, where the main feature was the much anticipated Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013.

Having been determined by a previously run designer competition, the show displayed the creative works of Lily Stodel and Runaway88. With each executing a wonderfully distinctive approach to design, the catwalk was brought to life with colour and style. As exquisite detailing, skilful cutting techniques and imaginative styling worked its way throughout the show, it was instantly clear as to why the two labels had secured their place within the show.

Birmingham graduate Lily Stodel delivered the girly style she is quickly becoming recognised for, producing a range of feminine pieces in pretty pink and pastel hues. An emphasis on texture and alternative fabrics meant detailing remained at the forefront of the collection. Quirky layering and statement separates were also prominent throughout.

A more directional display came from Runaway88. With a more refined and masculine approach to design, the collection boasted an array of separates and jackets in dark, strong hues. Described as a form of armour by the label itself, each piece of outerwear featured spoke volumes about both the designer and the no-nonsense, focused nature of the wearer.

Along with the fashion show, musical delights were welcomingly provided by a diverse range of live vocal and deck mixing talents. Fashion artwork and installations could also be admired throughout the venue, working to strengthen the colourful setting whilst also prompting the buzz of artistic opinions and fashion fuelled conversations that went on throughout the night.

Ultimately showcasing the best of East London’s visual, musical and artistic offerings, “OffBeat Live” definitely delivered the celebration that it set out to provide.

Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013 Event Images

Photos by: Vytautas Dranginis-Photography, Chris Llewellyn, Ricardo Raspa & Yasmin Knox.