Swims AW13 New Styles

Stemming from a single Norwegian man’s idea to create the modern galosh, Swims has developed into an internationally acclaimed footwear brand that has gone on to collaborate with everyone from Armani to John Lobb – and continues to produce a range that is similarly diverse. The label’s new autumn/winter 2013 collection looks set to secure their status as a go-to for stylish, durable and completely waterproof shoes.

Focusing on the brand’s mantra of timeless and wearable style, no matter the weather, the AW13 collection is focused around two new models: ‘Charles’ and ‘Henry’ – both as stylistically classical as their names suggest.

The Charles

The ‘Charles’ range has been developed in high-density nylon and rubber with a leather lining and contrast white sole.

Available in both boot and classic wing-tip silhouettes, the Charles offers an inevitably dressed-down but altogether refined waterproof that is by far superior to the now humbled Wellington:

Swims Charles Styles

The Henry

A slightly more conspicuous nod to both the label’s origin and its focus on being weather-proof, the ‘Henry’ collection sees the evolution of the brand’s modern galosh. By fusing a durable, waterproof sole and covering with traditional footwear silhouettes, the result is the footwear equivalent of technical wear (a major AW13 trend).

This perfect balance of practicality and style offers the best of both worlds: your outfits remain sharp and on point whilst the rubber sole and covering ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable during the harsh winter months. The contrast orange soles are a particularly striking option for those looking to stand out:

Swims Henry Styles

Where To Buy

You can shop the collection over on the Swims website.

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