Thomas Campbell x Element

Summer’s back and with it, the urge to revisit the outside world. For many, including California-based skater/surfer/visual artist Thomas Campbell, this means grabbing a board and exploring every inch of the urban landscape with youthful abandon.

Along with Element Skateboards, who have made such exhibits of carefree exuberance their virtual stock in trade over the past twenty-one years, Campbell has created a new collection comprising t-shirts, shorts and a skateboard deck.

The new collection, entitled ‘Bow Tie’, features throwback geometric shapes in muted autumnal colours that were based on some of Campbell’s artwork. The designs speak heavily to Element’s decade of origin whilst staying bang on trend, given the current thirst for nineties nostalgia pieces.

To announce and celebrate the partnership, Campbell has produced a video piece: ‘Glide, Slide and Escape’. The video, shot on 16mm film in keeping with the retro feel of the collection, features Northern California-based action sports enthusiast Roger Mihalko skating and surfing his way through beaches, swimming pools, backyards and suburban streets – perfectly encapsulating the easygoing nature of the collaboration.

The TC Pocket t-shirts featured in the collection are slim fit numbers available in charcoal or powder blue and are each adorned with a patchwork-style pocket on the left breast. The other shirt available in the set is the TC Box Premium, which is again slim fit and available only in shale brown. The TC Box Premium features the same patchwork design as the TC Pocket shirt, albeit in a large square on the centre of the shirt, with designer thread fraying all the way around the edges. The collection also features an exclusive cruiser deck; similarly patchwork-decorated.

Thomas Campbell’s ‘Bow Tie’ collection for Element Skateboards is available for purchase now online.

Thomas Campbell x Element: Glide, Slide and Escape

Thomas Campbell x Element

Thomas Campbell x Element