Tiger Of Sweden AW13 Intellectual Clash Collection

After rounding off an impressive Mercedes Fashion Week in Stockholm, Tiger of Sweden’s AW13 offering, under the theme ‘Intellectual Clash’, offers a rich contrast of sartorial seductions.

“Intellectual Clash is primarily about exploring the encounter between different cultural undercurrents and driving forces that have influenced us throughout the ages. It’s a tribute to the rebels, to the free thinkers who dared to go their own way. One of these front figures is naturally David Bowie who inspired us with his unique take on glam and edgy” said Christian Lippich, who co-designed the men’s collection with Ronnie McDonald.

The AW13 collection also takes inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and its ground-breaking architecture and industrial design. Channelling this blending of art and functionally, Tiger of Sweden’s designs move seamlessly between the label’s now iconic tailoring tradition into technology, art and architecture.

It is a clear showcasing of brand’s design philosophy, “where ‘a different cut’ embraces a relentless rock ‘n’ roll feeling. High function sports garments meet beautiful lines and subtle androgyny confronts sophisticated, soft tailoring.”

You can check out Tiger of Sweden’s AW13 offering below.

Tiger of Sweden AW13 Intellectual Clash Collection

Tiger of Sweden AW13 Intellectual Clash Collection