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News that is guaranteed to divide opinion and evoke much discussion of the direction we, as men, are heading is the launch of Tom Ford’s first male-orientated ‘beauty’ line.

Despite a gradual change in attitude that has seen the majority of modern men finally understand the importance of implementing some form of grooming routine, there are certain boundaries that are yet to be breeched and remain somewhat taboo.

The relationship between men and make-up is definitely one of these, but as GQ‘s current ‘Designer Of The Year’ and someone who is name-checked on a regular basis by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, Tom Ford might just be the person to guide mankind across this final frontier.

Ford’s new cosmetics line is available from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and contains your standard men’s grooming products, such as a face wash and lip balm. Yet it is the addition of a concealer and bronzer that may raise a few eyebrows.

In his justification for make-up becoming an accepted part of a the modern male’s daily grooming regime, Ford points to Hollywood’s leading men as examples of how a pristine, gleaming complexion doesn’t just come from eating your greens and remaining well hydrated. It is not by chance that their skin appears as radiant as it does, and a stroll along the red carpet will no doubt have been preceded by some form of facial priming.

In line with the ideals of his eponymous clothing line, Ford suggests the cosmetics range will help to achieve a more refined, polished look and portray an image of your most impeccable self to the world. However, whether or not men will adopt this sentiment within their daily grooming habits still remains to be seen.

You can shop the range at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols now.

Make sure you let us know your opinion on men’s make-up in the comments section below. Does Tom Ford’s endorsement sway your viewpoint at all? Is it the next logical step for our ever-evolving grooming routine?

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Tom Ford Launches Mens Cosmetics Line