Uniqlo UT 2013

With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time for Uniqlo’s annual UT graphic t-shirt campaign, which features hundreds of limited edition t-shirts from a variety of brands that are guaranteed to spark your interest. In the heat, all of us are on the lookout for the perfect t-shirt, and with Uniqlo’s great fit, attractive price and high quality construction, you cannot go wrong with their collaborations this summer.

The sheer variety of t-shirt prints on offer is insane, with collections ranging from household brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney to obscure Japanese animes and one-of-a-kind brands such as French luxury pastry and cake maker Laduree. Franchises include Star Wars, Monsters University and Charlie Brown and the Peanut Gang.

Most of the tees come in a traditional crew neck, but if you take a closer look around you can find some very interesting, unique pieces – for example, the black and white graphic v-necks from National Geographic are perfect for a night out with a dark blazer and jeans as well as something to throw on at the beach.

The Coca-Cola collection features several vintage washed t-shirts that highlight the brand’s old slogans and typography and are the perfect choice for a festival or just for going out on the weekend. A variety of classic Andy Warhol and Keith Haring prints are also available, for those who want to show their affinity for the psychedelic era of pop art.

A highlight of the range is the Rhythmic Textile collection, which is described as “the ultimate fusion of fashion and music” and features designs inspired by musical instruments and genres such as rock, jazz, hip-hop and electronic. Piano keys and psychedelic prints are applied to the front of the slim-cut Uniqlo crew necks, making them some of the most comfortable graphic t-shirts out there.

When browsing through the latest offerings, it is worth noting that the collections are split up and not all collaborations are available for both men and women – so be extra careful when ordering your t-shirt online.

All of the t-shirts retail at just £12.90 and are available at Uniqlo.com. As with all of their limited edition collections, stock runs out extra fast – so be sure to act quickly if you spot something you like.

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Uniqlo UT 2013

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