Urban Outfitters New Camden Store

On the British high street we are lucky to have a vast array of shops that cater to every sartorial need of the modern gent. That said, these shops all tend to be slightly similar and, frankly, boring in terms of layout and the overall shopping experience.

That said, it’s refreshing to see some high street chains taking a more fun, innovative and unique approach – creating retail spaces that are actually enjoyable to spend time in. Whilst brightly lit stores with clearly marked product displays are all well and good when you’re in a rush to buy staple pieces, it’s nice to be able to enter a relaxed shopping environment that is much more about having fun, chilling out and connecting, rather than trying to get your cash in the till as quickly as possible.

The newly opened Urban Outfitters Camden Store (located outside Camden Town tube station) does just this. With a much more eclectic and engaging layout, this well thought out retail space seems to take the brand’s quirky approach to new heights.

When entering the store for the first time we immediately noticed a library area where shoppers were reading books, chatting and enjoying the live DJ. The interior was full of art installations and interactive zones of creativity, whilst a photo booth provided yet another chance for shoppers to interact socially.

The store houses an impressive mix of brands, with the brand’s own labels (Shore Leave in particular) continuing to produce high quality, on trend pieces at an extremely accessible price point. We especially enjoyed the mix of streetwear brands: from Obey to Vans to Supremebeing, edgy casual wear has never looked so good.

It wouldn’t be an Urban Outfitters without a selection of home wear and an assortment of kitsch products thrown into the mix – and the brand doesn’t disappoint. Visitors to the store should be sure to not overlook its impressive and varied selection of well curated books; they would make a great gift or useful point of reference for any FashionBeaners hankering after an in depth style fix.

So as Urban Outfitters continues is expansion across London and the UK in general, here at FashionBeans we wholeheartedly welcome this new more personal and individual approach to shopping and hope to see other big name brands following suit in future…

Contact Details

Urban Outfitters,
211 Camden High Street,
Greater London,

Tel: 020 7284 128

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Urban Outfitters Logo
Urban Outfitters New Store; Camden

Urban Outfitters New Store; Camden

Urban Outfitters New Store; Camden

Urban Outfitters New Store; Camden