Versace SS14 Review

What renders a man attractive in a woman’s eyes? Which qualities does she find appealing and irresistible? Last but not least: is there any conceivable formula for dressing for romantic success? This might be material for a separate article, rather than for a fashion show review, but who better to ask if not Donatella Versace – the undisputed queen of sexy dressing.

Known for her fearless approach to glamour and design, it can be concluded that Versace knows a thing or two about the art of seduction. Let’s take a look at the house’s latest collection, on parade at Milan Fashion Week, to suss out the tips and tricks for increasing amorous potential through the eyes of the Versace man.

“The Versace man is powerful in so many different ways. There is the strength of the athletic body, the force of tailoring, power of decoration, and the timelessness of Versace‚Äôs iconography.”
Signora Donatella

The show opened up with a series of dramatic black leather looks, alternated with respectable single and double-breasted tailored suits. A good boy gone bad, or a dark knight whose jacket glistens with gold studs and zips. Nothing intrigues a female audience more than a thoroughly masculine aura of mystery and power.

No less important is attention to detail. Do as the Versace men do and adopt the occasional touch of extravagance to reveal a confident, creative and open-minded personality. Maybe he is an art-loving businessman or a promising young entrepreneur with a passion for music. The looks strike the perfect balance between elegance and charm, which never fails to melt a female heart.

For those looking for a little more adrenaline to raise their pulses, there is the sports and travel enthusiast. Dressed head to toe in tones of khaki, beige and dusty grey; he could be a world-renowned globetrotter or a modern day Indiana Jones offering promise of unforgettable adventures and excitement.

Finally, a high-energy and fashion-conscious party boy comes in. Handsome and decisive, he catches a woman’s eye with his neon, paint-splattered jeans and an optical print shirt. Much amused by his boldness and intrigued by his charisma, she agrees to join him for a dance, which lasts all night long.

Versace SS14 – Milan Fashion Week

Versace SS14 Collection