Zara Beat Collection

Zara has called in model Harry Uzoka to front their new ‘Beat’ collection. The mid-Goth line, intended complement to the brand’s main autumn/winter range, takes the monochrome look to the extreme with a black-on-black editorial.

Grounded in alternative styles and high fashion, pattern, texture and materials are experimented with whilst a dark colour palette and bohemian styling keep it in the realms of everyday fashion rather than allowing it to become an art project.

The vast majority of pieces incorporate a pattern or texture – such as sequins, studs and leopard print – to add complex details and a sense of individuality. The shadowy colour scheme is broken only by three pieces: a bright red checked scarf and a sweater and shoes in leopard print.

The range also plays with gender boundaries. Pieces influenced by a heightened sense of masculinity – biker jackets, bombers, leather waistcoats and cowboy shirts – are combined with influences from womenswear such as sequins and sparkle effects to create a juxtaposing look that combines the two extremes.

In addition, formal shirting and tailored pieces introduce a bohemian feel to the range. Utilising the same contrasts as the rest of the collection, the tailoring blends traditional formal wear with ultra-modern details. Statement accents such as leather accessories and wide brim hats finish off the smarter looks with a dandy-esque touch.

Zara’s Beat collection takes a single concept and runs as far as it can with it. Applying sharp contrasts and bold techniques to pattern and detail, it crafts a unique collection that can contend with high fashion establishments well out of its price range.

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Zara Beat Collection Lookbook