Archibald Optics Launches Translucent Frames

London’s eyewear artisan is going transparent with a new line inspired by post-war British style. Archibald Optics has introduced the Clear Dawn collection, using see-through acetate frames to mix form with function.

The firm, which splits design and production between the capital and Japan, is rolling out the line as a limited edition add-on to its catalogue of already vintage styles.

Archibald’s Clear Dawn range has been designed with the idea that “luxury shouldn’t be defined by price, and quality eyewear should be available to everyone.”

The brand’s foundations of timeless silhouettes and classic charm are rooted in the principle of producing exceptional frames to order.

Seven classic streamlined shapes make up the Clear Dawn collection, each boasting its own subtle originality.

The transparent frames are a futuristic deviation from the firm’s traditional look. By using clear materials, Archibald is able to showcase the intricate design process and technology that goes into every pair.

All designs are finished internally by the firm’s London-based team before they are hand-crafted in Fukui, Japan. Orders are then fitted with bespoke prescription lenses at the lens lab and delivered directly to shoppers’ doorsteps.

The range bypasses high street retailers, available to buy at online for £175. Archibald Optics also offers a ‘try before you buy’ service for up to three designs for one week.

Archibald Optics Clear Dawn Collection

Archibald Optics Translucent Frames

Archibald Optics Translucent Frames