Baracuta Acquires One Of The Largest G9 Archives

Baracuta has acquired one of the largest private archives of its jackets known to exist. The coup from expert collector Akira Tamaki is thought to contain around 77 years worth of original G9 Harringtons.

The British brand plans to do research on the extensive back catalogue from different periods, analysing small changes over time.

In a clip filmed by Baracuta, the Japanese shop owner discusses his obsession with the silhouette, which began after buying his first in Tokyo.

“I bought another one in a different colour I found some details had been changed from the one I had. I started to look for more original ones with older, different details,” he said.

Tamaki likens the check-lined jacket to the long history of Levi’s 501 jeans, having kept a “dominant position” in the market.

In addition to running his casual outerwear shop, Tamaki has spent nearly forty years adding to his collection, accounting for small changes in fit and detail that have occurred since the jacket was first introduced in 1937.

Today Baracuta is available in the UK via Oi Polloi, The Great-Divide and FarFetch. The brand also recently partnered with Margaret Howell for a second time to update its G3 model.

The current G9 original is available online at, priced at €299 (£245), along with a number of updates in seasonal colours.

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