Video Honours Label’s Skinhead History

British label Brutus has unveiled an original video, honouring its origins in the skinhead movement.

Directed by Raquel Aly, the 1960s-inspired clip features key items that formed part of group’s style, such as button-down tartan Trimfit shirts and dark cropped denim.

Using a real life skinhead, 16-year-old Sid Ryan, the short piece offers a modern take on the subculture, originally the domain of British working class youth.

Speaking about the film, Aly said: “I felt I wanted to pay a small tribute [to Brutus], but instead of marketing the product, I wanted to get a strong message across – the message of unity through diversity.”

Founded in 1966 by brothers Keith and Alan Freedman, Brutus became one of the most popular menswear labels amongst mods, skinheads and suedeheads.

Originally a denim label, Brutus’s main success came in the early seventies, when it sold millions of Trimfit shirts. The brand was later revived in 2009 by the son and nephew of the siblings, Jonathan Freedman.

Since then the it has stayed true to its roots, collaborating on several occasions with fellow British brand Dr Martens – another label key to the skinhead aesthetic – and releasing a limited edition 1966 England football shirt.

Brutus: A Short Film