Drinkable Solution Claims To Boost Brain Activity

Supplement brand Fountain believes users of its latest product can sip their way to a number of health benefits including anti-ageing in the brain and increased attention span.

The natural company claims to have bottled a liquid formula, known as The Geek Molecule, which will aid intelligence, memory and alertness.

On the brand’s website, the solution is pitched as a “beauty and lifestyle supplement” designed to “support cognitive function and mental stamina”.

The 240ml measure contains gotu kola, an element found in traditional Indian medicine, recently proven during clinical studies to support neurite and dendrite growth; responsible for sending and receiving messages in the brain.

Recognised as an ancient ingredient, gotu kola has also been known to improve memory and energise the body’s central nervous system.

The addition of zinc is intended to provide greater memory formation and cognitive stability.

Fountain currently sells eight different types of water-soluble nutrients with effects ranging from anti-aging and hair growth to happiness and energy.

In 2013 the brand was the first to produce resveratrol, an antioxidant proven in tests on insects and mice to have anti-cancer properties, in liquid form. Users are required to take one teaspoon of the product per day either directly or mixed with a drink.

Fountain’s Geek Molecule supplement will be available to buy online and via stockists including Boots and Selfridges from 11th August, retailing at around £28.99.

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The Geek Molecule Supplement

The Geek Molecule Supplement