Online Retailer Targets Style-Savy Techies

Technology fans descended on Mr Porter this week as the online retailer took stock of the much talked about Google Glass.

The wearable computer, which uses an optical head-mounted display, allows wearers to view maps, make phone calls, take pictures, send messages and record video hands-free.

Mr Porter is offering the Explorer Edition of the product in three styles, bold black and orange, thin black and white, and split black and grey.

A price tag of £1,120 buys early adopters the Glass technology, a pair of titanium optical frames, UV lens clip and 12GB memory synced with Google Cloud storage.

FashionBeans predicted the impending arrival back in June following a launch on the US arm of the menswear site.

At the time, UK representatives of Mr Porter were unavailable for comment. However, the brand’s Buying Director, Toby Bateman, has now come out saying: “We are pleased to offer Glass to our tech-savvy customers who are true leaders and innovators in style and lifestyle.”

Nonetheless, bosses have been keen to stress all three fall under the search engine giant’s Explorer Programme and remain a prototype.

The Google Glass Titanium collection is available to buy online from Mr Porter now.

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Google Glass Launches On Mr Porter

Google Glass

Google Glass Launches On Mr Porter

Google Glass Launches On Mr Porter

Google Glass Launches On Mr Porter