Happy Plugs Launch In The UK

Swedish accessory brand Happy Plugs used London Fashion Week to make their debut to the UK market.

The company is known internationally for its approach to tech accessories from a fashion perspective, following trends and introducing new colours and products each season.

Speaking to FashionBeans at the Scandinavian brand exhibition, Re Present, Sales Director Andreas Jacobsson said: “We came up with the idea of ‘What colour are you today?’ With this concept came a mission to create a wardrobe for your mobile accessories and tablets.”

Happy Plugs’ product range includes earphones, USB cables and cases for tablets and iPhones.

“We do the world’s thinnest cases,” said Jacobsson.

“When Apple introduced iPhone 5, we wanted to keep the sleek, minimalistic look of the phone because all others cases turn your phone into a brick. Our one is 3mm thick and weighs only three grams. We have it in thirteen different colours and, as with the earphones, you can easily mix and match,” she added.

The brand’s clean, minimalistic aesthetic carries across from its products to its merchandising. Coloured earphones are arranged as musical notes in white packaging and, for Valentine’s Day, a red USB cable was presented as the outline of a heart.

“The idea is to think outside the box because, in one way, the product is not unique,” said Jacobsson. “There are a million competitors doing headphones today. What we try to do is to be unique in our own way.”

For spring, Happy Plugs are introducing rose gold-coloured earphones to their deluxe range.

Currently available from the Happy Plugs website, iPhone 5 cases are priced at £19.99. Earphones start at £19.99, with an 18-carat gold pair costing £9,500.

Happy Plugs Lookbook

Happy Plugs Launch in the UK

Happy Plugs Launch in the UK

Happy Plugs Launch in the UK

Happy Plugs Launch in the UK

Happy Plugs Launch in the UK