H&M To Launch Donated Clothing Collection

Swedish retail behemoth H&M has confirmed it is to add to its bill of eco-friendly services by launching a collection made entirely from recycled clothing.

The first instalment of the line, set to launch at the end of February, will include a denim jacket, loose-fitting jeans, and vests, all costing between £24.99 and £29.99.

The five-piece denim capsule range is revealed one year after the company first introduced the Garment Collecting Initiative. The project, which offered shoppers £5 discount for each haul of donations, collected nearly 7.7m lbs of unused clothing worldwide.

In order to create new clothes, the brand – which recently launched its own sportswear line – works in partnership with Swiss firm I:Collect, who specialise in recycling textile fibres, making them available for re-use in consumer goods.

Jeans featured within the collection are made up of 20 per cent recycled cotton; the maximum amount you can use without tarnishing the quality of the fabric.

Speaking to WWD, H&M explained that its long term solution is to “close the loop” on textile production, which sees a billion items of clothing discarded into landfill sites each year. The retailer states that “95 per cent of these clothes could be used again; re-worn, reused or recycled – depending on the state of the garment.”

Further to this, H&M designer Jon Loman told WWD: “We are working increasingly with recycled materials, and as a designer, it is very important to create pieces taking into account the latest trends, but also technical developments in this field.”

Loman added: “We are proud to offer environmentally friendly products, in which our clients and we believe.”

Available from selected stores worldwide and online later next month, any proceeds from the initiative will be invested in research about the textile recycling process technology and social projects.

H&M Eco Denim Collection