White Jeans In Winter

Though we’ve come a long way from very strict style rules, menswear still has its fair share of faux pas. Some are relatively minor sins that are simply fixed: socks with sandals, forgetting to match your leathers, or having too much break at your trouser hem. Others, however, are pretty glaring: things like wearing clothes that clearly don’t fit you (unintentionally – we’re not talking oversizing) or, you know, wearing crocs.

But then there are the faux pas that aren’t really faux pas at all. We’ve touched on a few elsewhere but here we’re addressing one style sin we’re unashamed to admit we’ve been committing the last couple of months – wearing white jeans in winter.

Now, of course there will be the odd detractor out there (no white after Labour Day etc.) but given white jeans’ versatility during the summer, shouldn’t we be looking to carry this through to autumn/winter too?

White jeans offer that rare degree of versatility, matched only by wardrobe staples like black formal shoes and the navy overcoat. They are incredibly easy to pair with any colour or pattern due to their neutrality. They also happen to be one of the few trouser styles that can look smart and rugged at the same time, largely thanks to being both white and made from denim.

Yes, there are the obvious practical concerns for the clumsier of us style-conscious men, but you’ll just have to remember to reach for a napkin when tucking into that burrito.

Before we delve into the array of looks you can build with white jeans during the winter, it’s time for a quick word on denim, specifically fit.

A Brief Note On Fit

The ideal fit for a pair of white denim jeans is slim to skinny. You want them to create clean lines that follow your frame so avoid full-cut, loose-fitting denim as it’s ugly most of the time, but especially so when rendered in white.

Skinny-fit jeans work if you’re in your twenties but slim-fits will be everyone else’s best bet. Secondly, your jeans should have minimal break at the hem, as well as a medium rise. Last but not least, avoid low rise like the plague unless you’re blessed with the body of a male model – no matter how in shape you think you are, a low rise is likely to create a less than savoury muffin top effect.

Ways To Wear
A Canvas For Colour

White is the perfect neutral colour to anchor bolder pieces to. There literally isn’t a hue it won’t go with. For the winter season, use your jeans as a blank canvas for showcasing some warmer colours like mustard, sunburnt orange, tan brown and plum, whether in the form of a chunky knit or a statement overcoat.

Avoid using white as a base for particularly bright colours and soft pastels during winter as these should be reserved exclusively for wear during the warmer months.

In Focus

But white jeans work the opposite way as well. When paired with other neutral staples such as a grey blazer or navy duffle coat, the bright white hue can become the focal point of your outfit.

By keeping every other element of your look simple and understated you can really let your jeans take centre stage.

Denim On Denim On Denim

Coloured denim tends to get a bit of a bad rap amongst menswear purists, but it’s often integral to pulling off double denim outfits.

Just like a black denim trucker jacket is ideal for pairing with blue jeans and a white tee, white denim is ideal for pairing with chambray dress shirts and knitted ties.

The easiest way to avoid the dreaded Canadian tuxedo is to ensure you have some contrasting colours and washes in your double (triple, quadruple…) denim look, and a pair of white jeans is a great way to do so.

Make Statement Footwear Pop

If you haven’t heard, statement footwear is going big for autumn/winter 2014. Whether you opt for a generously stacked sole or a brightly coloured upper, a pair of white jeans is the ideal way to let your shoes do all the talking.

The Style Sandwich

A key tactic for every style-savvy gentleman, bookending – i.e. having the top half of your outfit match all or part of your shoes – is made infinitely easier with a quality pair of white jeans.

It could be something as simple as a navy cable knit jumper and pair of navy suede Oxfords. Or as subtle as trading out the laces of your black chukkas to match the burgundy in your shawl neck cardigan. Either way, white jeans are neutral enough to act as the perfect go between when implementing this technique.

White Jeans Winter Outfit Inspiration

Men's White Jeans - Autumn/Winter Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

zara man november 2014 j crew october 2014 ramsey aw12 florentino aw13 j crew aw13 mango man september 2012 club monaco aw11 mango man winter 2013 zara woolrich john rich bros aw14 ti for men aw14 club monaco aw12 mango man winter 2013 allsaints ss14 windsor aw14
Key Styles
  • Topman Levis 501 Original Fit White Denim Jeans Topman Levis 501 Original Fit White Denim Jeans
  • Topman White Stretch Skinny JeansTopman White Stretch Skinny Jeans
  • Acne Studios Ace Dry-denim JeansAcne Studios Ace Dry-denim Jeans
  • Uniqlo Men Regular Fit Straight JeansUniqlo Men Regular Fit Straight Jeans
  • Reiss Maurice Slim-fit Twill JeansReiss Maurice Slim-fit Twill Jeans
  • Uniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered JeansUniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans
  • Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Slim-fit Organic Denim JeansNudie Jeans Grim Tim Slim-fit Organic Denim Jeans
  • Acne Studios Ace Dry-denim JeansAcne Studios Ace Dry-denim Jeans
  • Officine Generale Slim-fit Selvedge Dry Denim JeansOfficine Generale Slim-fit Selvedge Dry Denim Jeans
Final Word

A no-brainer during the summer months, it’s time we considered white jeans as a genuine year-round wardrobe staple.

But now it’s time to hear what you think – do you wear white jeans during the colder months? If so, what are your favourite pieces to pair them with? If not, why not?

As always, leave your thoughts and comments below…