Eight Countries Honoured In Football Range

Belgian brand Ice-Watch is hoping to score with its latest collection as it gets behind the World Cup.

For a second time, the firm has produced a range of watches inspired by national teams taking part in the tournament, which kicks off next month.

The eight-piece line uses the flags of the countries honoured for the face and features a wristband in a matching colour.

France, Brazil, Italy and Germany are the only countries to have been carried over from the previous range. They are joined by Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

The original 2012 collection also included Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

Additionally the England watch, which featured the St George cross, has since been replaced by the Union Jack.

The release adds to the menswear industry’s part in the month-long event, which also includes England player Adam Lallana being taped as the face of French Connection.

Established in 2007, Ice-Watch now produces more than 500 different combinations of colours and designs, selling in over 85 different countries worldwide.

All eight models will be available to buy online in big and small sizes from June, priced at £89.95.

Ice-Watch World Cup Collection Watches