Woodland Creature Ring Collection

British jewellery designer Jon Forster is bringing the outside in with a new collection of rings inspired by woodland creatures.

The hand-crafted, made-to-order line in solid silver comes in five animal heads: red squirrel, fox, badger, otter and hare.

Forster began his 18-year career graduating from the Surrey Institute in Farnham with a degree in three-dimensional design.

The jeweller told FashionBeans the idea for the woodland creature theme came from an owl ring he had previously created.

“When I’d finished it just struck me that it would be really fun to try and carve some animal head rings, but more along the lines of British wildlife rather than the usual tiger or lion rings.”

The designer’s favourite, the hare, features ears that extend past the knuckle when worn.

Though currently only the five animals are available, Forster did reveal plans to expand beyond the woodlands range. “I think a Gorilla ring would be really cool,” he said.

Prices for the collection start at £299, with the hare ring the highest priced at £405.

Details of how to order the full line, along with other Jon Forster pieces, are available via at Jon-Forster.co.uk.

Jon Forster Woodland Creature Ring Collection