Mack Weldon Collaborates With ‘Mad Men’ Designer

The Emmy Award-winning dresser behind TVs Man Men has begun work with underwear retailer Mack Weldon. Costume designer Janie Bryant is collaborating with the e-commerce store to create a range of men’s socks fresh off the back of her work on the celebrated series.

The LA-based star will be curating gift bundles for the online name, which will include both socks and underwear.

Bryant, who also worked on Deadwood, is no stranger to the hosiery industry. The American’s family owned a sock mill in Tennessee called ‘Bryant Yarns’.

“This is a product category where the details are everything, and getting this right for men is really a big opportunity,” said the designer.

The news came after Bryant announced plans to launch her own reality TV series. Currently under the working title Janie Bryant’s Hollywood, the show will follow aspiring designers each week as they create a piece of clothing around a theme. The results will be judged by a panel, which includes Bryant.

In addition to an Emmy for her work on HBO’s Deadwood, Bryant has been nominated three times for her work on Mad Men, starring Jon Hamm.

Mack Weldon launched in 2012 aiming to fuse old school style with innovative technology to create the ultimate underwear product for men. The brand, founded by Brian Berger and former Ralph Lauren exec Michael Isaacman, dubs its offerings ‘Smart underwear. For smart guys.’

Full details of the collaboration will be unveiled in spring of this year at

Mack Weldon Current AW13 Collection