The Right Shine Product For Your Hair

Here at Hooka, we’re starting to see a lot more men using shine products in order to achieve a wetter-looking, slicker finish to their hair. When done right, these hairstyles can look extremely contemporary while exuding an old school charm.

However, the majority of guys continue to use the wrong kind of products for their hair type and colour. It’s not as simple as reaching for the first ‘shine’ pomade or gel you come across. Without the correct guidance or advice from a professional stylist, the results can look disastrous: your hair can appear sticky, tacky, fine, dark or greasy – or a combination of these undesirable effects.

To help rectify the situation, today we’re going to break down the products you need to pull off the look successfully, for a variety of hair types and lengths…

General Styling Guidelines

Before we start, there are some simple guidelines that everyone should follow when using shine products on their hair. Firstly, if you choose to blow dry your hair into shape, a ‘bulking’ product is important.

On shorter hair, try American Crew Ultramatte or Hair Resort. On mid-length hair, opt for a sea salt spray like L’Oreal Wild Stylers Beach Wave, Fudge Sea Salt Texturizing Spray or Kevin Murphy Hair Resort to add thickness. These products will make the hair more pliable and prevent it from becoming soft or fly away.

When styling your hair, apply the shine product evenly by using the pads of your fingers and not your palm. Start off towards the back and work your way forwards – this will help you avoid the dreaded greasy fringe effect.

Finally, make sure you remember to apply your styling product all over, not just through the top section, otherwise it will look like you have two-tone hair!

Shine Hairstyles Lookbook

Using shine products doesn’t mean that your hair has to look slick or wet. A slight sheen can give the appearance of healthy-looking hair, taking your existing hairstyle up a notch instantly:

The Right Products For Fine Hair

This is the hardest hair type to style with these products. Preparation is the key to getting the best results with fine hair.

It’s imperative that you don’t choose a really wet product that has too much shine – it will just stick your hair together and can even make it appear translucent/finer than it is.

On this type of hair I would suggest using a product like Kevin Murphy Super Goo or even American Crew Molding Clay/Pomade. These products will give the hair a natural looking shine, especially if it’s lighter in colour as they won’t darken it too much.

  • American Crew Molding Clay 85g
  • American Crew Pomade 85gm
  • American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel 250ml
The Right Products For Thick Hair

Many of our clients with thick hair are choosing to use stronger, heavier products to control the volume while producing the slick finish they desire.

Some stylists are opting to towel dry their client’s hair and then apply the product on damp – this is great if you have unruly or dry hair, otherwise you can simply blow dry your hair into place.

Blow drying American Crew Firm/Light Hold Gel or Kevin Murphy Hair Resort into your hair will help manage even the thickest of hair types. Then you can simply use a shine product to style.

When it comes to styling, there is a much larger choice of products you can potentially use on this hair type – some of our favourites include Bumble & Bumble Sumo Wax, Fudge Hair Varnish, Mr Natty Wax and Baxter Of California Soft Water Pomade.

Whichever one you opt for, I would suggest starting off using a small amount and work it into the root area. Then work the same product through again. Layering and building these products allows you to control the shine.

As previously mentioned, use the pads of your fingers and work from back to front. Also try to avoid rubbing the hair too much. The key is to apply and then style; if you want a sleeker look use a comb – with the right product (and just the right amount) it should stay in place quite easily.

  • Kevin Murphy Super Goo
  • Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray
  • Bumble And Bumble Sumo Wax 50ml
  • Fudge Hair Varnish 70g
  • Pomade Wax Mr Natty
  • Baxter Of California Soft Water Pomade
The Right Products For Shaved Hair

Why would I suggest using a styling product on shaved heads/skin fades? Well, not only does a buzz cut look smart with a bit of shine, but your scalp can also dry out when it’s exposed to the sun, meaning a shine product can actually help ensure it remains healthy.

Work a small amount between the palm of your hands and apply all over. I would suggest using American Crew Pomade or Kevin Murphy Super Goo.

The Right Products For Long & Curly Hair

Guys with naturally curly hair or long hair may find it lacks moisture – and without moisture the hair looks dry, which means it won’t shine.

Therefore, with these hair types more than any other, it’s important you really look after your hair to keep it looking fresh – this all starts with using the right shampoo and conditioner.

To get the best shiny hair I would use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. If you find that your hair often becomes greasy at the roots, try applying a leave-in conditioner to just the ends.

There are also several different hair oil ranges on the market currently – using one of these would help seal moisture into the hair, which will make it appear both shinier and healthier. If your hair is naturally a lighter colour it will glisten, but it will shine if it’s darker. You may find using just a hair oil alone is enough for you.

For naturally curly or very dry hair, try blow drying a couple of pumps of hair oil into the hair. It can be terrifying at first and you will think it will end up looking greasy, but these oils are designed to penetrate right into the hair shaft to nourish and soften:

  • Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Shampoo 250ml
  • Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Conditioner 190ml
  • Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Masque 200ml
  • Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Souffle Dor Shampoo 250ml
  • Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 250ml
  • Moroccanoil Treatment 25ml

To finish or hold your hair there are several serums (concentrated versions of hair oils) and hair shine sprays on the market. Use a shine spray like you would with your best aftershave: a little bit goes a long way, so spray above the head and let the spray fall. This will give an even shine without the build-up or greasiness.

A serum will also help seal those ends for guys with flyaway or frizzy curly hair:

  • Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine
  • Fudge Head Shine 100g
  • Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray 100ml
Final Word

High shine products can be used to produce a range of dramatic and contemporary hairstyles, or simply give the impression of naturally healthy hair. The aesthetic you opt for will come down to your personal style, chosen cut and hair type.

All of the products above will slot straight into your current hair regime and can be utilised in tandem with your existing favourites. Why not consider adding a shine spray to your collection to give your hair a slightly different appearance or using a hair oil to really bring your hair to life?

As always, it’s all about mixing things up and giving things a try. And remember, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for personal advice on what they would recommend for your specific look and hair – it’s what they are paid for, after all.

So what do you think – are you a fan of high shine hairstyles? Let us know in the comments section below…