Boot Style To Step Up For Summer

British shoe manufacturer Oliver Sweeney has released its staple boot for summer 2014. Titled the Kleber, Sweeney has adopted the traditional Goodyear welt technique, used by the likes of Loake and Crockett & Jones, to create a style designed to be exceptionally comfortable and durable.

The Goodyear welted sole refers to a specific way of moulding the boot together. While many footwear brands use the Blake construction – which involves stitching the outer sole directly to the insole – this approach runs the stitching around the outside of the sole, maximising the Kleber’s water resistance and improving longevity.

Furthermore, storm welt technology has been hand stitched to the interface between the boot and the sole, allowing it to remain waterproof, while providing subtle detailing.

The shoe adds to its resilience by putting Sweeney’s Kleber Fin Project EVA sole to work. The EVA sole is designed to contrast against the dark navy country grain calf leather/suede upper, but also offers the wearer a lightweight shoe that can withstand any conditions.

Along with the welted sole, the brand aims to give an incomparable level of comfort and fit by incorporating a leather insole and cork filler that adapts to movements in the foot – ensuring the boot becomes more comfortable with every wear.

Priced at £259, the Kleber is available now at

Oliver Sweeney Kleber Boot

Kleber boot

Kleber boot

Kleber boot