Orlebar Brown x Saira Hunjan Swim Shorts

Luxury swimwear specialist Orlebar Brown is letting a celebrity tattoo artist swap her ink gun for sewing needle as part of a new collaboration. The brand has partnered with London-born Saira Hunjan – also known as ‘The Girl with the Golden Needle’ – for a special edition of the classic OB swim shorts.

Known to high-profile clients including Kate Moss and Jude Law, Hunjan’s interpretation of the white bulldog style features contrasting black embroidery, used to create the essence of underwater mythical creatures and detailed graphic motifs.

The art school graduate has also incorporated a number of nautical patterns and creatures, which accentuate the flowing movements of water inhabitants. Dragons, plants and a pattern that resembles a woman of the sea trapped in leaves and shells can all be found in the intricate piece.

Orlebar Brown’s best selling shorts rose to fame in 2007 when they were featured in the brand’s very first collection. Initially based on a traditional 17-piece pattern of a men’s suit trouser, the model is made from quick-dry polyamide fabric and lined with 100 per cent polyester mesh.

It’s not the first time ink and needles have been brought to fashion. Oliver Sweeney famously partnered with Henry Hate to offer embellished versions of its footwear.

The new illustrative shorts from Saira Hunjan are available to buy now at the Orlebar Brown website at a price of £250.

For more information about Hunjan and the artist’s work, visit her visual blog at thegirlwiththegoldenneedle.

Orlebar Brown X Saira Hunjan Video

Orlebar Brown X Saira Hunjan: Classic OB Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown X Saira Hunjan Collaboration

Orlebar Brown X Saira Hunjan Collaboration

Orlebar Brown X Saira Hunjan Collaboration