Palladium Boots Collaborates With Hypebeast On Video

Palladium Boots has collaborated with Hypebeast on the latest video for its global Explorer series, following Korean b-boy heavyweight Bruce Lee.

In this video, Lee takes Palladium to places that are tranquil and scenic, modern and traditional, and places that have simply been lost in the eddies of the frenetic, bustling metropolis that is Seoul. First is an abandoned, half-finished building that Lee wanders into, offering him a quiet space to warm up in the morning sun with his Pampa Hi-Cuffs.

After following a rail road track, he arrives at the redeveloped urban oasis of Cheonggyecheon River, where he changes into his MA-1 Baggy Zip boots before breaking out some moves in the middle of the stream.

As the day progresses, Lee finds himself in front of the historic Gwanghwamun Palace – his fluid motions providing a perfect antithesis to the stately demeanour of the palace gates.

Finally, Namsan Mountain provides a panoramic backdrop for which to end the day, as Lee surveys the city that has served as his stage.

Others participants in the in the brand’s ten-part Explorer series project, which enlists individuals from within the creative industries to showcase key areas in international locations, include underground jazz club director Philip Powel in Rotterdam, Sidewalk Hustle in Canada, as well as Street Etiquette in New York.

All pieces worn by Bruce Lee are available to buy online and in stockists now.

Palladium Boots AW14 Explorer Series – Episode 9

Palladium Boots AW14 Explorer Series – Bruce Lee x Hypebeast